Princess Hana ❤

On July 18th 2016 at 4:59 pm we were blessed with our little gorgeous daughter Hana weighing 2.59 kgs. She was such a precious little thing. When I had Adam I thought I could never possibly love another baby the way I love him and I’m sure I’m not the only mama that feels that way or thinks like that. Holding Hana on my chest made me feel otherwise. She was just a few minutes old and we were already in-love with her. She was so tiny just like Adam and so beautiful, our little babies ❤ 

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Being A Mother

There is absolutely nothing I can compare it too! There are times I look at Adam and still can’t believe I am a mother! I have a baby! 

Adam’s made me realize how blessed I am, how lucky I am and most importantly how thankful I am everyday for having him in my life. 

Sometimes my worries get the best of me and I end up being over paranoid. But end of the day he is my boy, I can’t help but worry.