Adam’s First Flight

Planing our trip to Milan & Zurich was so exciting! I’ve never been to Italy before so I was particularly excited about Milan. Booked our flights, tickets, trains and everything. Few days before traveling that’s when I started getting so nervous. Adam is 11 months and it’ll be the first time traveling with him. I didn’t know what to expect! He normally gets restless so easily when at home so we always go for walks, go to the park, walk to spinneys or something active. How was I going to keep him entertained in a plane for 7 hours? 

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Adam Is Going To Be A Big Brother!

You can imagine how happy we were when we found out Adam is going to be a big brother!! I had the best childhood with my brother. We did a lot of things together including fighting with each other (I would be Steve Austin & he would be The Rock!), we went partying together but most importantly we had each other. My husband has 2 brothers & 1 sister, so he knows as well how amazing it is growing up with siblings. 

We’re so excited for Adam to experience that bond. Whether he’ll have a baby sister or brother, I know he will be the sweetest big brother. I know he is still too young to understand what it means having a little sibling but I can’t wait till he does. 


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My Beautiful Baby Shower – Tiffany’s Theme

My Baby Shower 

I absolutely loved my baby shower. I wanted everything to be perfect hence had Petals & Pearls Events organize it. I knew I wanted a Tiffany’s theme and lucky for me hubby and my bestie Rasha knew this as well. So after I found out  Petals & Pearls were doing my baby shower, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to meet them.

Hubby & myself met with Jamila to sit and discuss what I wanted exactly. I loved how she straight away understood what I wanted, which was fantastic! We met a week or two later to show her the outdoor venue where we would have it. 

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