Zena Presley

I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Founder & Owner of Zena Presley, Zena. Her designs are not only vibrant & beautiful, but they tell a story.

“Zena’s debut collection stems from her fascination with the African heritage, which is rich in emotions and compelling stories. Her collection represents the colorful and vibrant Africa contrasted with vivid imagery of struggle, fight, survival and hope.”



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Kensington Mums

I had the pleasure of interviewing the gorgeous woman behind “Kensington Mums”  Founder & Editor Dina Maktabi.

“Kensington Mums was created in 2011 with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences and helping my yummy Kensington Mums learn from one another. Move forward to 2015 and Kensington Mums is now an award winning social media website connecting Mums in their journey through motherhood.”


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All Things Mochi

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Woman In Business, Founder of All Things Mochi, Ayah Tabari. All things Mochi is a brand that incorporates various cultures in their beautiful & colorful designs. Each collection is based on a different country and a certain part of that country’s culture. 

“The name Mochi comes from the region of Gujarat. Mochi’s were originally cobblers who later developed the art of embroidery in fine stitching.” 

Ayah Tabari 1  Ayah Tabari 2

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