My Future Champion Academy by Aptamil kid

“Your Child is full of potential, we help you discover it” That’s the motto for My Future Champion Academy by Aptamil kid. My Future Champion Academy platform was created to help mothers identify and develop their child’s skills in a customized approach, by providing them with development tips and advice based on their child’s age and development stage.

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Adam Is Going To Be A Big Brother!

You can imagine how happy we were when we found out Adam is going to be a big brother!! I had the best childhood with my brother. We did a lot of things together including fighting with each other (I would be Steve Austin & he would be The Rock!), we went partying together but most importantly we had each other. My husband has 2 brothers & 1 sister, so he knows as well how amazing it is growing up with siblings. 

We’re so excited for Adam to experience that bond. Whether he’ll have a baby sister or brother, I know he will be the sweetest big brother. I know he is still too young to understand what it means having a little sibling but I can’t wait till he does. 


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Happy 6 Months Adam ♥ ♥

Our little angel is 6 months today!! Mashallah  ♥   Feels like just yesterday it was February 10th and I gave birth to this cutest tiny angel! How time flies!

We started the day with a 6am walk around Springs. Adam loves walks and luckily this morning it was nice and breezy. He was laughing and smiling all the way, it was just perfect seeing him so happy. 

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Adam ♥

My baby is almost 6 months mashallah (in two days) Time honestly flies by! Feels like just yesterday I held him for the first time. I know I always keep going on and on about my love for Adam but I just can’t stop! Adam has made me a better person. He’s made me appreciate life so much more. Seeing him smile lights up my world. He is truly baba and mama’s angel. And words can’t express how much joy he’s brought into our lives.

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In Our Dreams

There isn’t a day that went by when I was pregnant I didn’t think of Adam or dream of him. Hubby & I would always exchange dreams we had of Adam and how he looked like. 

In my dreams, this cutest little angel with big curly hair and beautiful brown eyes would run to me. I would wake up in the morning with excitement, I couldn’t wait! In hubby’s dream Adam was the sweetest baba’s boy with beautiful brown eyes. He was also a fighter in hubby’s dreams but that’s because my sweet darling husband is obsessed with UFC. We fell in love with the boy in our dreams.

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Adam’s Teething!

IMG_6968Few weeks ago we noticed Adam had fevers regularly and wasn’t himself at all. He cried a lot, hardly slept and hardly ate. He started throwing up more often, hubby & I thought maybe he had a stomach bug? We decided to go see his doctor.

After examining our little angel, he informed us from the hardness of Adam’s gums, he was teething! He continued to explain it was normal for babies to have fevers, eat less, sleep less & cry a lot during this stage. As relived as we were it wasn’t a stomach bug, we were now worried about the pain our little boy will be going through. 

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