Mandarin Oriental Dubai

My kids and I are obsessed with staycations. We’ve been to so many hotels in Dubai, I should be a certified Staycation Expert!

I was super excited to check out MO since it was my first time there. The entrance is so lavish and oozes of luxury. 

The hotel were SUPER kind and let us go at 9AM, we got our room by 11AM!! (Keep in mind check in is at 3PM) So we didn’t waste no time and headed straight to the pool which was just so heavenly !!!

Soon as we got to our room, our gorgeous beach bag and sanitized towels waiting for us. The beach/pool bag was just the perfect size to fit the kid’s change of clothes and their million toys they decided needed to be on staycation with us!

IMG_8084 2

The walk path so beautifully laid out with palm trees and gorgeous cabanas truly gave us that feeling of being on holidays in some exotic island!

They had pools laid out in sort of a maze, with the kid’s in a shaded area plus the kid’s waterpark which was so much fun for little ones!! 

The kid’s favourite time of the day was between 11:15AM to 11:30AM because that’s when the ice lollies were being handed out by the super friendly MO staff. You have to try the mango flavor – SO DELICIOUS!

The attention to detail was exquisite, like water in the most gorgeous MO bags placed on your cabanas by the pool or beach. 


And ofcourse the cabanas themselves were so relaxing!!

We spent most of our day by the pool or relaxing in the cabana and when we got bored, we went to the beach which was absolutely peaceful

We had most of our lunches by the pool, breakfast was at the BAY restaurant which is their beach side restaurant which also has a gorgeous lunch menu.

Overall we had a great stay, felt really welcomed and well taken care off off. 

Best part if the kid’s club ofcourse, they had the outdoor water park area plus an indoor kid’s club. They don’t allow parents inside which at first I wasn’t so comfortable with but then the kids were super excited and loved the staff in there, they were truly amazing. I would drop them there and wait right outside the bench. Once I sat for more than 2 hours+ on that bench !!


Ofcourse that was totally worth it when they came out and showed me what they had made for mama!!! ❤

We had the best time at Mandarin Oriental and highly recommend it for a family staycation or even a girl’s staycation

Location: 9/10

Comfort: 9/10

Kid’s Facilities: 10/10

Food: 8/10

Staff: 10/10

Service: 8/10  

Cleanliness: 10/10

Value for money:  8/10




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