Why Is The Medical Industry So Commercialized?

What happened to doctor’s sincerely caring for their patients? Looks like the pharmaceutical companies share it’s profits with the doctors or perhaps they get a commission because the amount of medicines they prescribe is just ridiculous ! 

I can’t tell you how many times we were given antibiotics before the results were even out. “Just keep them incase it’s positive and you have to take antibiotics” What happens if it’s negative? Which was the case a few times! We ended up with boxes of antibiotics we never used but the insurance was charged for anyways. 

What’s sad is they even do it to kids! I mean come on, KIDS! We’ve had horrible experiences with the kids and it’s honestly traumatized them. If you can’t trust doctors, who can you go to for help / to make you feel better? Lucky for us we found an amazing doctor for the kids, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve walked out empty handed, no medicines whatsoever! It was so weird at first after being so used to leaving with atleast two bags of medication to leaving with nothing. The kids actually look forward to going to their doctor now. He genuinely loves his job and cares for his patients. He’s spoken out against other doctors himself, how commercial they are and the focus has changed which is heart breaking.

Why waste years to study medicine if it’s not your passion? Why become a doctor if taking care of patients is not what you want to do? I get it’s not easy but it’s not a joke either, you’re playing with people’s health, people’s lives, KID’S health! Isn’t that against some doctor code or oath you took? 

I don’t take my kids to the hospital unless we really have too. We use things like Manuka Honey, Lavender Oil , Eucalyptus Oil etc These help calm the kids and help with their breathing when they have colds + boost their immune system.

I had the worse experience last week at the hospital and never felt so weak in my life. I was admitted almost for 4 days and all they did was put IV bags & bottles, endless tests, swabs and X Rays. I left the hospital feeling weaker than when I was initially admitted. When the IV’s got too much, I put my foot down then one by one they reduced them saying “okay we don’t need that, okay we don’t need this” So why was I getting them if I didn’t need them? 

Have you ever had a bad experience with hospitals here? What home remedies do you use when your little ones aren’t feeling so great? Or do you take them straight to the hospital? 




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