When Will You Have Your Next Baby?

Is it just me or is this the MOST asked question to mums? I remember right after having Adam, I had people already asking me when I will give him a brother or sister, and there I was trying to just get back to “normal” with a newborn.

Not only do I find that question unnecessary, it’s also insensitive. Never ask a woman why she doesn’t have kids, when she’ll have a kid or anything to do with kids! It’s just not your business.

Some women can’t conceive and you asking those questions actually does so much damage than you can imagine. Some women have lost their kids, you asking “Why don’t you have kids” is heartbreaking to them. Unless they bring up the topic, DON’T ASK!

Something alot of people don’t know is I had an early miscarriage before I had Adam. And I put myself in the situation where someone asked me “why don’t you have kids” and honestly I think I would have just slapped them! Luckily for me no one asked me so I saved myself from an assault charge!

I’ve suddenly gotten people asking me when will I have my third baby? You don’t even know me! You don’t even know what’s going on in my life, where do you get off asking me that? And even if you did know me, how is that any of your business?

I feel like being a mother opens you up to so much criticism, questions and endless advice. Everyone apparently knows better how you should raise your kids except for you. 

What was the most ridiculous question / advice you’ve ever received?  What do people do or say that really gets to you?




4 thoughts on “When Will You Have Your Next Baby?

  1. Oh definitely agree on this! It’s so insensitive to ask such personal questions! I’m also being asked and told that I should have a third child and I just don’t see how this is anyone’s business?


  2. Oh gosh! Same here 😔 before my son Adam I had a early miscarriage it was a shock to me then I decided to try straight after more cos I was emotionally craving motherhood and also cos I overheard my mother in law say everyone has kids but not my youngest sons wife she’s been married a year now, that got me really upset at that time! Looking at it now I think that’s a really wrong reason to have a child. That really put me down but I shouldnt have let that got to me . Alhumdulillah straight after my son was born I fell pregnant and had my daughter. Now the story is have all of them close in age so they grow up together as friends and as you get older it’s hard to conceive! All these nonsense I have to hear! I just ignore as I no me and I no my body and also I no if I’m able to takecare of three or four kids! Can’t be having kids just out of fear or not being able to in have any in the future it’s more to do with am I capable to taking care of them give all of them time, mentally, physically and emotionally and also can’t be selfish to myself. I do what more but I’m good with my two for now 🙂 I heard a new one the other day that made me laugh ! Adam needs a brother to play football with or my daughter needs a sister to play with her dolls! Lol

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    1. That’s so mean of your mother in law!! What if you wanted to take a year or two with your husband before having kids? It’s not anyone’s business. It’s really sad how some people can be. I absolutely agree with you, only we know if we can manage 2 or 3 or 4. There are so many reasons why and no one should have to explain themselves to anyone not even family members! You sound like an amazing mama and keep doing you, and let it go in one ear and out the other! Lots of love xx


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