Ritz Carlton JBR

What started as Mum’s surprise 60th staycation soon turned into a family staycation. We’ve never stayed at Ritz Carlton JBR before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Although I knew it would be nothing short of amazing since we had stayed at Al Bustan Palace in Oman which is a Ritz Carlton hotel.

We started the day having mum’s birthday breakfast at The Lobby Lounge which was absolutely beautiful and grand. The staff there were super amazing plus they spoke Swahili which made us feel right at home.

Look below at the details on that cake! The jacket looks exactly like the picture I sent the awesome team at Katrina Sweets. They did a fantastic job!!


After breakfast was done, I took the kids to the indoor kid’s club which wasn’t so big compared to the other kid’s clubs in the hotels we stayed but it was a decent size. The kid’s got bored pretty quickly in there so we decided to head outdoors. I absolutely loved the outdoors kid’s area more. They had a nice slide and covered pool area for the little ones. They also had sort of a lazy river pool which also included a waterfall which was super fun as well. I wish they had some double floaters for the lazy river which of-course would have been the best idea but again I’m assuming it was a lazy river. Regardless we spent a good 4 hours or more outdoors where the kids had so much fun while the birthday girl, my mum, was relaxing indoors. 

Something I forgot to mention was upon checking in, I had registered with Marriot Bonvoy rewards and that was the best decision I could have made. We got 30% discount on all restaurants + in room dining. The first night we had dinner in the room as the kid’s were absolutely exhausted. 

Next day we were up early ready for breakfast then head to the beach. The breakfast buffet was delicious with a variety to choose from. I won’t lie, we didn’t spend long having breakfast since the kids were too excited to go to the beach so I can’t comment alot on breakfast.

The walk to the beach was absolutely stunning!!! It almost felt like we were on some exotic island with the palm trees and greenery. They had a-lot of outdoor games like chess, archery,  wooden blocks etc They even had a library at the BEACH !


I’m not sure what I loved more, the gorgeous layout of this hotel or simply just the feeling of being away.

I would definitely recommend this hotel if you’re looking for that “away” or “holiday” feeling. Their spa looked and SMELT so goooooddd but I didn’t get a chance to try it out, definitely on my list in the future!

I had initially booked through booking.com but when I called Ritz Carlton JBR to arrange bits for mum’s birthday, I found out by registering to be a member with Marriot Bonvoy I got a better rate and almost AED 500 less compared to booking online which also included complimentary breakfast for two. 



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