Al Manara Fire Station Birthday Party Dubai

How cool is that?? I had no idea I could throw a birthday party at a REAL fire station!! So initially we had agreed on a staycation with Adam and something super small with the family. Then literally 3 weeks before his birthday, his highness decides he wants a party! 

Thanks to everyone’s help and suggestion, I came to know about Al Manara fire station, I went the same day and they told me they were fully booked!!! LUCKILY while I was there someone had called to cancel their booking on Friday 8th February (Adam’s birthday was on a Sunday 10th February) I was super happy and couldn’t believe our luck! So we had a venue! Now I had to find someone to cater, someone to provide us with furniture, entertainment and of-course cake / desserts. 

I sent out an email to Adam’s school almost immediate asking them to forward the invitation to all the kids in his class and almost right away I started receiving confirmations of kids attending.

Adam's Invitation
I got this invitation from Etsy which was free to download and all I had to do was edit the details

Next thing I know it was upto 18 kids and their parents so next step was to find someone to cater ASAP! I was introduced to Glance Bakery   by a good friend. They have a selection of mini sandwiches, desserts and also do cakes. For the adults I ordered some chicken sandwiches, mini beef sandwiches + few more options and a bigger selection of desserts which included red velvet cupcakes, mini eclairs etc. The kids I ordered mini pizzas and mini hotdogs + some fruit tarts. We also added plain & almond croissants for both adults & kids. Everything was just absolutely delicious!!  Glance Bakery even went the extra mile by providing me these beautiful table stands to put the food on which was absolutely kind of her. 

I got Adam’s cakes and cookies from Nounou’s Cakes I’ve been ordering cakes from her for about 2 years so she’s someone I know her cakes not only look good but also taste delicious.


I printed the sign of Etsy and paid I think 2$ for it and just edited the details then got it printed from Desco with a foam board on it.

Now the only thing remaining was a company for furniture and entertainment. I came across RentSher on instagram and decided to use them. So they provided the kids tables and chairs + adults chairs + Spiderman + entertainment which was a clown, face paint, music system and a host. They were right on time and were very professional.

Everything was sorted and now the day finally arrived!! The kids had so much fun and so did the adults. The guys at Al Manara Fire station were SO AMAZING!! They took the kids in the fire truck for a drive around the neighborhood with the sirens on which the kids thought was super cool!! Then they let the kids use the fire truck water hose to spray water around where they got soaked and ran around endlessly super happy! 


I also have to thank my besties Natasha & Rasha who were up super early on a Friday and came to the fire station to help me set up EVERYTHING! I had different suppliers for different things but in the end, us three arranged everything and did the kids table set up, food table set up etc.

For kid’s gift bags, I decided to do it different this year and since it was at a Fire Station, everyone got a fireman helmets (see picture below of me wearing one) which I got from Cheeky Little Events

I ordered all the cutlery, napkins, paper plates etc online Party Camel


For details on how you can have your little’s ones birthday at Al Manara Fire Station, you can contact the number below

Al Manara Civil Defence, 41, 7 Street

Al Manara – 363, Jumeirah, Dubai

+971 4 705 2770

I suggest you book in advance and they really get fully booked!! It’s free to have a birthday party there, all you have to do is organize yourself catering, furniture etc

Let me know your thoughts below. What do you think of a birthday party at a REAL fire station with real fireman? AWESOME right?!!



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