Fairmont The Palm

We’ve stayed at the Fairmont The Palm a few times and one of the reasons is their Kid’s Club. And also if you’re using an Entertainer voucher you pay for one night and get the next night free so you get a weekend staycation for the price of one night (Thank me later 😉 )

The gorgeous views you see in the pictures below were from our breakfast at the Flow Kitchen where we chose to sit outside. Of-course it was winter then so the weather was just perfect.


The rooms are a good size and if you’re lucky, you’ll get the gorgeous beach views with the Dubai skyline at the back. Besides the morning breakfast and lunch by the pool, we opted for in-room dining just because it was less of a hassle with two little ones especially in the late afternoons or evenings. Their in-room service doesn’t take so long so that was a plus as well.

Since the kids were up super early, we would always go to the beach and let them run around for a bit before we headed for breakfast. If days they’re up hungry, we do breakfast first then the beach after they’ve digested their meals. 

I can’t recommend the kid’s club enough although I have to mention, make sure you check with them it’s not booked out for birthday parties when you’re staying with them because than you won’t have access to it since it’s a private party and I am talking from experience! They have an indoor kid’s club and an outdoor water area. They don’t have a kid’s pool but we were either at the beach or there so it didn’t matter to us so much.

They have a gorgeous spa with endless massage choices. My favorite is their Stone Massage, well it was the only one I tried and absolutely enjoyed. 

Have you stayed at the Fairmont The Palm before? Let me know your experience below





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