Adam Starts School & My Fears!

I am honestly so emotional at the thought of my son starting school in September inshallah. I am excited but also scared as h*ll!!


This will be the FIRST time ever I leave my son with someone that’s not my mum or husband and I am not sure I like that feeling right now. I am very attached to my kids and of course being a stay at home mum means I am there for them 24/7. The thought of having someone else take care of him for 6 hours a day is scary.


How do you trust them?

I know of course starting school is a good thing for him but there are so many other things that frighten me. 


What if he gets bullied?


What if he doesn’t like it?


I read something on Facebook last night that made my heart stop. A bad incident that happened at a nursery in Ontario, Canada and long story short nothing happened to the teacher because she was backed up by the school and covered it up.


Your mind is your biggest enemy sometimes and mine is the worse of them all. I try as much as I can to be positive, but sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind with all these thoughts.


I can tell Adam is super excited so I try not to show him my fears because end of the day kids can sense everything. I want him to be fear-less and strong, and know that the sky is the limit. 


So mamas who’ve gone through this, please leave your comments below on how to make it a little easier. Any tricks and tips? Would highly appreciate it






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