Is it just me or the minute you become a mother, it’s like you’ve opened yourself up to criticism from every tom, dick and harry? I’ve never received so much advice, suggestion, and insults before. Suddenly every other mother is an expert and has the right to tell you how to raise your kids or question why your son doesn’t go to nursery when he is 2 years old when every other kid does.



If you’re following me on instagram then you know I’ve always been vocal about my opinions when it comes to certain topics and I stand by them. I won’t pretend to be one thing on Instagram when in reality it’s nothing close. Kind of like those “supermoms” that ONLY show you what they want you to see but never include the nannies. Why try so hard to portray an image that clearly isn’t true. Why show this fake lifestyle that you obviously can’t live upto?



You see mothers who had kids 2 seconds ago and suddenly they’re telling you how you should do this or you shouldn’t do that. They’re experts now and have the right to advice you on how to be a mother. 


You see mothers telling other mothers how they should discipline their little ones. They should stand their grounds and not let the little ones dictate anything, you’re the boss not them. BUT they’re KIDS! They should have the freedom to speak, to reason, and to question. They are kids. 


You see mothers questioning why that mum was picked for a job that she could have done. Why her? So they start talking, whatever they have to say to feel superior. After all, it all comes down to that, doesn’t it? 


You see mothers trying so hard to fit in, trying so hard to make their kids into something they’re not just so they could be accepted in that mum group that talks about every other mum and criticizes every kid and yet you want to be a part of it. 



You see mums completely abandoning their responsibilities as mothers and allowing someone else to do them because that’s the current trend now, let someone else handle your kids. 



You see mothers suddenly authors and “about to release a book” on parenting because they’ve had two kids which are now 3 and 4 so they’ve mastered this whole parenting thing.



You see women who’ve never had kids but they have 3 dogs so they have the right to tell you to ignore your kids when they’re crying because it’s the right thing to do. “Don’t look at their eyes when you’re putting them to sleep” “Do not co sleep” 



You see mothers making fun of that other mother who has just been divorced and is now a single mother working hard for her kid/kids. Keep in mind they’re “friends”..



You see mothers telling other mothers their kids are too fat and they should go on a diet. The kids are probably 2 years old..



could go on forever, but my kids just woke up from their nap. So I will leave at that.