Kid Friendly Destination – Part 1

I’ve been to a few places around the world before having kids and back then those places seemed like amazing destinations and so much fun. However it’s a completely different ball game when you’re a mother of two planning family vacations. Now our holidays have to be kid friendly which means everything from flight time, hotel location, to restaurants and play areas/parks or kids activities. Of course most importantly the safety and security of our kids. 



After having Adam & being pregnant with Hana, we went for a holiday to Milan & Zurich for a few days. Of-course I should have known Milan is a fashion city and wouldn’t be so kid friendly. There wasn’t much to do for kids. We stayed at Park Hyatt Milan which was a stunning hotel but as far as kids facilities, there wasn’t anything. I personally loved Milan but for kids, I didn’t find it so kid-friendly. Zurich on the other hand had beautiful walks paths by the lake which Adam enjoyed so much but that was about it. I can’t remember the hotel we stayed at, but it was this beautiful hotel right across the lake. Again no kids facilities in the hotel or parks nearby. So to me Zurich was a place I could have fun but not so much the kids. 

With Adam & Hana we were adamant to go somewhere the kids would definitely enjoy. I loved the sounds of Sweden, it sounded lovely and welcoming. And I was right. Probably the most kid friendly country in the world! We stayed at Grand Stockholm Hotel and right opposite was a lake where we took our morning walks and literally 5 minutes away was a HUGE park with lots of space for kids to run around and a lot of statues like rabbits, lions etc which of course Adam & Hana loved.


First place we visited was Skansen, which was literally 10 minutes away with a taxi from our hotel. It’s as an open air museum and zoo in Stockholm. The kids got to see everything from monkeys to bears to seals. They had nordic animals section, kid’s animal zoo, car rides, horse rides and so much more. It was literally a huge play ground for kids with animals and games in it. What more could you ask for? 


We also decided to go to Junibacken which is a children’s attraction with different characters, indoor train ride, a bookshop, a fun play room with different interactive activities and games. What I loved the most was the massive area outdoors where kids could just run around and enjoy the fresh air. 


You will notice most of these places, I didn’t take alot of pictures and that’s because I was busy running around with the kids and having fun with them. 

We also went to a place called Gamla Stan also known as Old Town, full of restaurants and souvenir shops. We walked around for a while before stopping at Vapianos for a delicious lunch. 

There wasn’t a day that went by we didn’t go for our morning walks and park time in the afternoons. It was so convenient and easy walking around. Going around in taxis was a bit of a hassle though, sometimes we had to wait longer as we needed a cab with two car seats for Adam & Hana. 

What’s your best kid friendly destination? And why?



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