Bath Time

My kids have a serious obsession with water and bath time is definitely the perfect end to their day. They generally spend 20 – 30 minutes in the tub playing and having fun. It’s also sort of relaxing for us knowing it’s closer to bed time! biggrin

We normally just give them a quick wash in the mornings and save the bath time for the evenings, as we noticed it helps them sleep better. 

Adam is at the perfect age where he loves playing in the tub and it’s safe as well using just a tub mat. Hana on the other hand is a little younger so we use the Munchkin inflatable duck tub which we put in our tub. I find it safer and perfect for younger kids. It also helps with the transition to the big tub when they’re older.

Can you imagine yourself having a nice long bath? How relaxing is it? It’s the same thing for your little ones. Only difference is it’s more fun for them. We always try to include different bath toys to make it more interesting & also a little educational sometimes. After all kids learn things quicker when they’re having fun in the process (in our experience)

We have these fantastic Munchkin Learn bath alphabets/numbers that stick to the tub walls when wet. It keeps them busy and also makes it more interesting. Adam will pick up a few alphabets and start telling Hana “This is X” or “This is F” and of course little madam imitates which is great for us as Hana gets to learn as well in the process. She picks things up fast and having Adam there always telling her what this is or what is, is definitely an advantage for us. 


It kind of get boring sometimes having baths in our bathroom everyday so we started letting the kids have them in our backyard and luckily the weather allows it now. Normally by 5:30pm the kids get to run around for a bit then get into their tubs and have more fun.


What I love most about the Munchkin inflatable duck tub is once you’re done, it’s easier to clean and store away. You don’t need a big space for it which could also be very handy & practical when traveling or just visiting family with your little one as well. You can basically use it anywhere! In the tub, outdoors, or even in your bedroom floor. 

We also have these cute little Munchkin Ocean bath squirts which Adam & Hana go crazy with and absolutely love. They’re small and easily packed away as well. We always look for bath toys that are easier to clean, small enough so they won’t take up so much space and of course fun and also educational. 

What are your little one’s favorite bath toys? And how often do you bathe your little ones? 

I am so excited for my trip next week and definitely taking some of these bath toys with usbiggrin


Munchkin is available in-store at Mothercare MENA and BabyShop.



Waheeba Badhawi

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