If you’re following me on instagram then you already know this but if you are not then let me start by saying I’m a stay at home mum  🙂 

“So what do you do all day?” …

Is it just me or do all stay at home mums get asked that question ALOT? How do you answer it? What do you say? Does it get to you? Or do you just ignore it?

Why is it people think stay at home mums stay home all day and do nothing? Did you forget the part where we are actually raising our kids and taking care of them.. Just maybe? The fact that we wake up everyday at 5 am – 6 am (Sometimes they wake up once or twice in the middle of the nights) and don’t go to sleep or nap until it’s bedtime ? Or the fact that unlike you, we have no “weekends”  or days off. Being a mother is 24/7, and as exhausting as it is, it is so rewarding and there is absolutely no comparison to anything else. 

Why do we have that misconception? Have you been in a situation where your working friend talks about how exhausted she is from her 9 – 5 job and the minute you say you’re tired as well, you get the “But you’re home all day!” response! I can’t tell you how many times my own friends said that to me. At first it upset me but then I learned to let it go, you can’t blame them. You won’t TRULY understand unless you’re a stay at home mum yourself.

I remember one day I was talking to my sister in law and she was telling me about a post she saw where someone said “I wish I was a stay at home mum so I can just bake all day” – The ignorance in that post was beyond my comprehension. Is that what people think we do all day – BAKE? How do you even respond to such posts or comments? How can people to so oblivious and insensitive? 

It’s just like how when you’re not a mother you always say things like “oh my kids WILL NEVER watch TV”  or “My baby will never throw tantrums like that” And it’s only when you become a mother you realize how silly you must have sounded. I must admit before I was a mother, I did utter those sentences (If not those, something along the lines) And now I look back and think god how immature of me! That wasn’t nice of me and probably offended someone but I didn’t realize then; I do now because I am a mother.

Have you had to deal with such questions? How do you tackle them? Do you lash back or just let nature takes it course and hope one day they’ll understand when they’re mothers?

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