When it comes to eating healthy for my little ones and my family, I try my best to make sure everything they eat is of the best quality and clean from added preservatives, chemicals etc It is so important to me that we eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle especially for Adam & Hana; whether it’s fruits, fresh juices or meat & chicken. We live in a day and age where everything is processed; nothing is natural anymore so how do you know what is right to consume and what should definitely be a no no? 


When I first was introduced to Freshly Foods, I was excited and happy to discover a company that takes it to their hands to produce clean products – the right way. Although I learned a lot, I was in utter shocked the most to learn about “MDM – Mechanically Deboned Meat” I must admit, I had no idea what it was before and was absolutely glad I found out. Most companies will not tell you their products contain MDM. MDM is basically meat that isn’t 100% pure, it contains crushed bones and all the nasty bits. Freshly Foods however ONLY uses pure chicken breast meat, so what you’re eating is 100% meat and nothing else added to it.

Freshly foods has a wide range of products; chicken shawarma meat, chicken nuggets, chicken sausages, chicken burgers; all MDM FREE. Their chicken meat is also lower in fat content and sodium content. To Freshly Foods – Quality comes first.

The first day I decided to try the chicken nuggets so I made Adam that with sweet potato fries. It tasted different, I won’t lie but good different; healthy different. Adam loved them and so did I. We also tried the chicken shawarma meat and it was absolutely delicious and of course 100% meat which made it even more yummy! 


It’s always reassuring when companies go out of their way to make their products of the best quality and most importantly healthy. I highly recommend Freshly Foods to anyone that wants to start eating clean and healthy. Eating healthy doesn’t mean being on a diet, it’s just having or leading a healthier lifestyle. 

You can find Healthy Foods on their Instagram account @freshlyfoods or their website http://www.freshlyfoods.com