Emirates Park Resort

Have you ever felt like you left the UAE for a little vacation when actually you haven’t? That’s how we felt during our weekend at Emirates Park Resort, located in Al Bahya. I must admit I did have very high expectations going there but that’s entirely because I had other Dubai/Abu Dhabi Hotels in mind like Atlantis, Madinat Jumeirah, St Regis etc when in reality there’s absolutely no comparisons. Emirates Park Resort is a resort connected to a zoo. It’s an experience; one I never thought we would have a chance to go through in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. 


We made our way to Emirates Park Resort on a Thursday afternoon. Soon as you enter, you can smell the zoo and hear the animals. We got dropped of at the Chalet area where there’s a reception where we checked-in and received our room keys. We booked two chalets with zoo views and one standard room. As we were walking to our rooms, Adam’s face light up and you could see the excitement in his eyes. Our rooms were facing the giraffes and zebras, how amazing is that? At that point, I knew we were going to have a great time from Adam’s excitement. 


Our rooms were just regular rooms, nothing fancy. The chalet rooms were very spacious with a kitchen + dining/living room. For me what made the hotel amazing was the fact that there was a zoo right there, you look out your windows and you see beautiful  palm trees, giraffes, zebras and instantly you feel like you’re in some african safari. 

We didn’t waste anytime, dropped our bags in the room and off we went to explore. As we passed each animal and section, Adam would just scream out LION – ZEBRA – ELEPHANT – TIGER! He was amazed. I was so impressed at how many animals he recognized and of course started making their sounds. The zoo is massive with a separate section for birds, predators and a petting zoo in there as well. They had different activities and shows throughout the day; feeding the giraffes, sea lion show, elephant dance show etc They also had kids pool and play area with a slide etc We didn’t get get to try that as Adam’s surgery wound was still covered and he was not allowed to swim. 

I think we must have gone around the zoo like 10 times on the first day itself!! When we got tired we would sit outside our room where they were lounge chairs to which across it were the zebras and giraffes. Adam loved feeding the animals, from giving monkeys nuts to giving the giraffes fresh grass, he enjoyed it so much. All the animals have to be fed with the food provided by the resort which you buy at the stalls so they have everything from bananas to leafs to nuts. 


I think we were all so impressed at the animals they had, for instance the white bengal tiger on top – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in my life till then. I was also scared at how big the animals were in real life, I guess I got used to seeing them in Adam’s nursery rhymes and the sight of an elephant pooping took me by surprise!! I mean his poop was the size of my head or bigger!!! 


It’s an amazing experience for the little ones and they will probably enjoy it more than anyone else. You will love it because of how happy it makes them and the the excitement in their little eyes. So if that’s what you’re looking for then I highly recommend this resort. If you’re looking for a luxury hotel with spas, great service, beach, selection of restaurants and food, extra facilities like hair salon etc then this is not for you.

Overall experience for the kids – they enjoyed it and loved it. 



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