LG Twin Wash

Seriously, whoever came up with the idea behind the LG Twin Wash is a genius! I love doing laundry but it’s such a pain when you have a small washing machine but a big dryer. That means you put the first load of clothes in the machine then put the second and only then you put both the loads in the dryer! Imagine how much time you would save with the Twin Wash! It also has a built in dryer! What else could you ask for?! Oh wait for it… it also connects to your phone – you can do laundry literally from anywhere!! 😮😄


If you have little ones then you know how important it is to wash their clothes separately. I normally wash Hana’s & Adam’s clothes separately. Imagine using the LG Twin Wash, I can easily put Adam’s load on top and Hana’s load at the bottom which means once they’re both done I can straight away shift Hana’s to the top and start the dryer!😄 The main compartment at the top takes 19kgs whereas the bottom takes 3.5 kgs. The dryer capacity is 12 kgs. You can also use the main part for your own clothes or hubby’s and the mini for your undergarments, socks etc 

What impressed me as well was having the latest technology integrated which allows you to access your washing machine from literally anywhere and do your laundry! You download the app called “Smart ThinQ” and with this, you can start your washing machine, select what type of cycle (whether its cotton or delicates), delay start and get a message when it’s finished. 


Besides falling absolutely in love with the LG Twin Wash, I loved the event and how it was organized. It was such a relaxing and intimate gathering held at the Warldof Astoria Palm Jumeirah. So great job to the LG Team and event organizers for such a fantastic + knowledgable event 😄 Oh wait I have to show you some of the treats there *Yum*

If you guys have any questions please feel free to ask me, I feel like I’m an expert at the LG Twin Wash now 😄😄 




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