Adam Turns 2

Seriously where did the time go? As Adam’s second birthday was approaching, I couldn’t help but get so emotional. He was my first! My first birth, my first baby, my first breastfeeding, my first teething; my first everything. He made me a mother. He changed my life completely in seconds and I thank him everyday for that. 


I remember like it was just yesterday when we first found out we were pregnant with Adam. I  asked my husband what if I’m not a good mother? How will I know if he’s sick? How will I know what’s wrong with him when he cries? How will I know what he wants when he can’t talk? All that changed when I held Adam. Suddenly I was confident and willing to learn; willing to be patient and know my baby. Know when he wants milk, when he’s crying because he’s sleepy, crying because he’s tummy hurts or just crying because he wants mama & baba to cuddle him.

Adam taught me how to be a mother. He taught my husband how to be a father. He made us parents. Adam turning two was more than him turning two. It was my first baby growing up. My first child becoming a big boy. 

If you know Adam, you know he’s obsession with Thomas The Train. Ofcourse he’s 2nd Birthday theme was a given! We had everything Thomas; from decorations, to cutlery to sweet treats. We wanted to make it special and small; with the closet family and friends. 


Never seen Adam so excited happy! He was literally running around from jumping in the trampoline to bouncing castle to playing with his motion sand making trains and stars.

We had different stations & activities to keep little ones busy:

  • Coloring station with crayons and coloring books
  • Sand station with different color sand and shapes
  • Kitchen station
  • Work station with hammers, drills etc
  • Bouncing castle
  • Trampoline
  • Thomas Slide & regular slide
  • Basketball stand

For snacks we had

  • Cucumber & cheese sandwiches
  • Fruits in party cups
  • Pasta with tomato sauce
  • Croissants


  • Thomas The Train cake
  • Thomas The Train biscuits
  • Thomas The Train cake pops 


We had so much fun and I am so thankful to everyone that made it so special and fun for Adam. He absolutely loved it and keeps looking at the pictures and videos ❤❤

Thomas Teepee – @teepeedubai Instagram account

Thomas cookies – @littletreatsdxb Instagram account



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