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We live in such a beautiful city and sometimes it takes your bestie coming over to fully appreciate how truly wonderful Dubai is ❤ 

Last time she was here for more than 4 days was during my wedding in 2013, and every time she came after that it took me back to my wedding days. Every time I see her it reminds me of how much fun my wedding was, how beautiful it was and how it got us even closer together. She’s the icing on my cake ❤


You can imagine my excitement when I found out she would be coming for 7 days and staying with us! She’s one of those people that is so easy going and she understood my kids always came first.

Whatever we planned; whether it was breakfast with Hana or City Walk with Adam – we had the kids in mind. That’s what I loved more about her. She wanted to spend all her time with the kids which made everything easier. You get a lot of times people come and expect you to leave the kids and take them out and around. She wasn’t like that at all. 

From breakfast at Hamptons Cafe & Sikka Cafe, lunch at Kaleidoscope to dessert at Sliders Station, we made sure we made the most out of those few days we had together 😀

Her trip wouldn’t be complete without taking Adam to Mattel Play Town! She had to see him in action.

Something that absolutely took my breath away & that was my first time as well was visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Absolutely beautiful, it’s like a little piece of heaven on earth ❤


I highly recommend taking your guests there. It’s a MUST – SEE place. That was definitely the highlight of her trip here for both of us! 

So one thing we were both looking forward to was the OREO PANCAKES at Sliders Station – OH MY GOD!!! Most delicious pancakes I’ve had honestly – no joke! They tasted so good, I would have them all day everyday – except I would put on 100 kgs then!