Fathers Bonding With Their Little Ones

There’s no feeling that could compare to holding your little one for the first time after they’re born. It’s the beginning of a beautiful bond. Mothers are always encouraged to do skin to skin which has extraordinary benefits to both mum and baby. It’s creates a bond and makes the baby feel safe, amongst many other things. But what about the fathers? Shouldn’t the bond between them and their little one be as equally important? 


“Fathers play an important role in a child’s development from birth through adulthood. In fact, numerous studies have reached the same conclusion: Children with involved fathers have an advantage — socially and academically — over children with distant or no relationships with their dads. “We found that fathers who are involved with their children have children with fewer problems,” says Maureen Black, PhD, a researcher and professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. “That added involvement from a father helps children tremendously.”


In some parts of the world it is seem as a taboo for fathers to take care of their little ones because it is the “mother’s job” It’s the mother’s role to change the diapers, feed them, shower them, and put them to sleep. It’s no wonder the baby will always recognize his/her mother first, because she is the primary care taker. She’s the face he/she always sees. 

But fathers you shouldn’t underestimate your influence to your little ones. You can make such a big difference in your son’s life or daughter’s life by just being there for them. 

We should disavow the notion that “mommies can make good daddies,” just as we should disavow the popular notion…that “daddies can make good mommies.”… The two sexes are different to the core, and each is necessary—culturally and biologically—for the optimal development of a human being.

The most critical time for fathers to bond with their little ones is the first few months after the baby is born. That’s when the baby starts recognizing faces, smell and forms bonds. The #DontMissTheMoments challenge by Desitin was something my husband embraced 100%. 

The challenge encourages dads across Middle East to reclaim key bonding milestones with their child, that they miss by avoiding doing their share of diaper changes. By taking the challenge and committing to two diaper changes, two times a week; Dads will regain some of that all-important facetime and skin-to-skin contact, which is proven to strengthen parental bonds. 

Do you think your your partner will be up for the challenge? We would love for you to encourage your partners/husbands to do this and let us know how it went. Our kids are the most important and I believe anything that will help their future should definitely be something we do and put as a priority. 




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