Sikka Cafe – City Walk Dubai

There are two times of people in this world; people who have breakfast like there’s no tomorrow and people who have breakfast with lunch in mind. Me? I’m in between 😀 

We planned to go to Sikka Cafe for breakfast with my bestie Fattouma who is here from Sweden for just 7 days. Sikka Cafe is located in City Walk Jumeirah. As it says on their instagram page  it’s “a locally curated concept, where delicious Emirati food meets Indian and Iranian influences” 


The restaurant is located at this beautiful roundabout with clear views of the Burj Khalifa. As soon as you enter, first thing you will notice is their interior. It is beautifully decorated with a vintage vibe to it. I loved the cups hanging from the ceiling with little lights on them, it was so unique and stunning. The first thing we ordered was of course coffee! You’ll notice their menu is so different, it’s not your typical menu – it’s a newspaper kind of menu which I thought was genius. 



For breakfast I ordered the Fruit and Yogurt drizzled with saffron honey + Emirati chebab pancakes with cream cheese and honey. The fruits and yogurt was so refreshing and light, which was the perfect way to start. After that that’s when I tried the Emirati chebab pancakes and I loved them! They were absolutely delicious. The cream cheese in between the pancakes kind of brought back childhood memories while honey sprinkled on it was the icing on the cake.


Fattouma ordered omelette which came with delicious hot arabic bread which was so soft and melted in your mouth. 

The menu had so much more but unfortunately we were already  full. One thing I can’t wait to try is the 24 Carat Gold Molten Cake they have which looks amaazziinnggg!! That was actually one of the reasons we went there but I forgot to order it and only remembered when we were on our way home!! So I will definitely be back there! 😀 

You should check out their lunch menu here to see the delicious indian, emirati and Persian dishes they have. They have a lot of choices that will make your brain go crazy!



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