Going to the park with Adam is like getting ready for a marathon! I mean literally! Whereas Hana just falls asleep after few minutes 😄

We found a new park that so far has no dogs whatsoever, it’s a bit of a walk from our house (compared to the other one) but it is definitely worth it. Adam can play in peace and we can feel safe while he does so! 

As much as we love the weather now, it’s too cold at times! Going to the park means layering up especially for Adam. When he gets sick, its horrible! So we have to be extra careful taking him out and about. He absolutely loves park time, I mean what kid doesn’t? The best thing about him being so active during the day is it helps him sleep better during the nights. He’s normally so tired he just knocks out 😄

I don’t think anyone enjoys their walks as much as Hana does. She starts off by looking around and mumbling away. I noticed she loves trees, so whenever we pass them she just stares up and her eyes just light up ❤


What’s your fav thing to do with your little ones? ❤