I understand how important it is for you to take your dogs out, whether for walks or just to play. When you live in a community it’s also important to keep in mind your fellow residents. 

I personally have nothing against dogs, I’m just frustrated with you owners. I’ll tell you why, and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. 

When we go to our community park with our little ones, the last thing we want to feel is worried or scared because the big dogs are running around and not on leashes. You have to understand some of these dogs are massive, I mean BIG! The dog owners are busy chatting with the other dog owners which leaves the dogs going wherever they want and to whoever they want. Adam loves puppies but of course the big dogs scare him! I can’t tell you how many times we were in the park having fun and a big dog comes running towards me and Adam and poor baby just gets so scared! You don’t know how many times we had to leave the park because they were just too many dogs running wild. You don’t know how many times we stayed home and not gone for our morning walks in fear of these big dogs not being on leashes. I mean it’s ridiculous! We have the right to enjoy the community just as much as you. 

Be considerate. Think of your neighbors. Put your dogs on leashes. I’m not saying don’t bring them to the park but as a courtesy to others – have them on a leash.

I witnessed the other day one of our neighbors covered head to toe (wearing abaya) on her way to the park with her son, when this regular Dutch lady with her puppy comes to the park and of course the puppy goes up to the covered lady and starts sniffing her and running around her etc This poor lady looked so uncomfortable and I promise you in two seconds her and her son were gone. What a shame! Where was the owner while this was happening? Busy chatting with her mummy friends. I mean if you’re going to the park with your dog and it’s not a leash, at-least make sure you’re watching him. It’s not nice that the poor lady had to leave the park with her son because she wasn’t comfortable. For Muslims, when a dog touches you – you can’t pray until you cleanse yourself several times and that’s why some muslims aren’t comfortable with being sniffed or touched by dogs. 

Besides not being on leashes, I’ve seen so many dog owners not cleaning after their dogs. You walk on the grass next to the park and it’s like a poop jungle! It’s disgusting honestly. You don’t know how many times we came home with dog poop on our shoes. And you have kids playing there! I mean it’s just not right. 

We live in a community where you have different nationalities and religions living together. It is so important to be considerate to your neighbors and be a little sensitive to their lifestyle. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having dogs but it’s just not something for everyone.  Respect other’s rights in the community as well. 

Honestly having to deal with this everyday has definitely made me think twice about going to the park or going for walks with Adam & Hana. And you know what? We don’t go for walks as much. We don’t go to the park as much and that’s not right or fair to us. My kid’s safety comes first. And when it comes down to it, I would rather them be home than in a park with big dogs running crazy not a leash and not muzzled.

It’s really frustrating, honestly.