When Can You Start Your Baby On Solids?

It definitely varies from baby to baby. Some babies start solids as early as 4 months whereas some start at 6+ months. Both my babies started solids at 4 months. Why? Because they were ready. How did I know?

  • Because they showed interest in my food
  • They weren’t getting full off milk only
  • Hana & Adam both would do this chewing movement with their mouth like they wanted to eat 

You need to be careful though when you start solids so early. You can’t just give them anything. For instance foods containing sugar, salt, diary products etc are a no no. Most of the doctors will tell you what you can give your baby if she/he is only 4 months and you wish to start them on solids. Some of the foods you can give them at 4 months are:

  • Cerelac
  • Spinach (Steamed & blended) 
  • Broccoli (Steamed & blended) 
  • Carrots (Steamed & blended) 

You should make sure you give them the same food for 2 days so if they’re allergic to it you will know. After you’ve given them all and know they haven’t had any bad reaction to them, you can then start mixing for example you can mix broccoli & spinach together and give it to them. At 4 months they should have one cereal + 1 vegetable per day and the rest milk as they still need milk at that age. Once they’re 6 – 8 months you can give them solids for breakfast, lunch & dinner + milk and maybe 1 snack. 

With Adam I wasn’t as strict with his diet and let him eat what he wanted and liked hence now he is such a picky eater now. With Hana I decided to do the opposite. Hana is 4.5 months now and this is what I give her:

  • Milk for Breakfast 
  • Spinach & broccoli for lunch
  • Cereal for dinner 
  • The rest of the day it’s milk

Ofcourse I don’t give her the same lunch everyday as it’s not good as well to give them spinach everyday or broccoli so I make sure I change it up and mix it with carrots etc. Once she is 5 months I will introduce butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and normal potatoes. Ofcourse then I’ll have a variety and can be more creative with her meals. 

I’ve noticed since I started giving Hana solids she sleeps better and longer. I use to give her cereal for breakfast + meal at lunch and just milk for dinner but I noticed she wasn’t full so I changed it around and gave her cereal for dinner which of course made such a difference, she slept throughout the night. Of course these past few days she’s been ill so she wakes up regardless if she has cereal for dinner or not, her sleeping pattern is a bit messed up but it’s purely because she is sick. 

Starting my kids on solids at 4 months was purely our decision. The reason I am saying this is because you should do the same, start your kids on solids when you feel they’re ready whether it’s 4 months or 6 months not because your doctor told you or your mummy friend said so. You know you baby better and you will see the signs. Most of the doctors will advise starting solids at 6 months as that is the recommended age but again it all comes down to you and your little one. 

There’s a lot of baby recipes book to help you once they can have a variety, one of my fav is Annabel Karmel recipes for babies and toddlers. She gives you different dishes and snacks which are absolutely delicious. With Adam being such a picky eater, he loved her snacks. 

I would love to hear from you, when did you start your little one on solids? What’s their fav dish? Do you have a yummy recipe you can share with me?

Thank you


P.S. Please note whatever I wrote is based on my experience with my two little ones. As I mentioned at the start, it varies from baby to baby on when they start on solids. Don’t feel pressured if your little one isn’t ready, let them take their time and they’ll transition when they’re ready. 


4 thoughts on “When Can You Start Your Baby On Solids?

    1. You can give pureed food till about 8 months then start making it a bit chunky so they feel the texture. At 8 months you have a variety you can give them; fruits, vegetables, etc and these can be chunky x


    1. I love sweet potatoes too! For dessert I make Adam sweet potatoes with coconut milk and a hint of sugar and it tastes absolutely delicious! Infact I am making it today, he’s not so well so hopefully that cheers him up 🙂 xx


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