Tanzania with my son

The excitement of traveling with my son alone for the first time was indescribable. Seeing him experience a new country, new people and new environment is something I always want my kids to go through . I want them to learn to appreciate different cultures and lifestyles and what better way to start then going back to where their mother was born – Tanzania ❤❤❤

I decided we would travel with Etihad, the timings were perfect for us and seeing as we were only going for 5 days, I wanted to make the most out of it. Traveling with a baby isn’t a joke – with regards to packing that is. Seeing as it was Adam’s first time in Tanzania, I wanted to make sure I had all the essentials i.e. snacks, mosquito repellent, enough diapers, milk, and so on. Our flight was scheduled for Wednesday 8am which meant we had to leave Dubai at about 5am to Abu Dhabi airport. 

I decided I wouldn’t let Adam sleep till we took off. So I woke him at 4:30am to get ready and we made our way to AD. Thank god I had loaded his iPad with all his fav shows – Bob The Builder, Timmy, Fireman Sam, Pingu etc so I basically had 10 hours + entertainment on his pad plus his games as well. We checked in and while we were waiting, I put on Bob the Builder for him + gave him his animal biscuits so he sat there quietly watching and munching away. Time finally came to take off, me and Adam buckled ourself comfortably after enjoying a cold glass of orange juice and Adam was given a delicious cookie. After we took off, I started the process of putting the little man to sleep but he had other plans. Let’s just say the people around us were entertained. The flight was 5 hours to Dar Es Salaam and Adam was such a good boy. My main concern traveling with him was keeping him entertained in the plane but that was not a problem at all alhamdulilah.


We reached Dar Es Salaam (The capital of Tanzania) and stayed a day, next day we made our way to Tanga where my grandparents live which was 5 hours drive from Dar Es Salaam. Adam slept for about two hours and the rest of the hours we were singing, talking, munching and Talking Tom kept him company. Being in Tanga again but this time with my son was so emotional to me. I’ve always loved going there and spending time with my grandparents and great uncles & aunts and the rest of the family. After my grandpa passed away I didn’t go for almost 5 years, and went when I was 4 months pregnant with Adam so being back this time with Adam was just so special. He got to meet all the family and was such a good boy and well behaved – well he occasionally would hit his cousins but that’s a discussion for another day😛😛


Tanga is so free, lands and lands of open space and beautiful greenery. It’s almost like you’re in an enchanted land with rainbows and clear beautiful skies  It was truly beautiful. Adam of course loved it especially running around chasing chickens, cows and whatever passed by – even donkeys! 



It’s true what they say “Time goes by quick when you’re having a great time” next thing we knew our two days in Tanga were over and we were on our way back to Dar Es Salaam with my uncle Saleem. We spent the rest of the day home at my aunts Zohra’s house with my cousin Lilly. I was busy packing up for out flight the next day back to Dubai. The last day was bitter sweet. I was so looking forward to going back and seeing my little princess Hana, hubby, mum and my brother but at the same time Adam was having so much fun I didn’t want to leave❤❤

I was so proud at how well he embraced Tanzania like he knew the place, like he was there before. Literally from 6am when he woke up to 8pm when he slept – he would just run around, playing, and having so much fun. It’s amazing how much happiness the little things can bring to kids. 5 days with my son taught me a lot and made me appreciate so much. It also made me realize you don’t need a lot to have fun with your little ones, they just need you there with them 100% ❤  We took morning walks at 6am on the streets with Adam stopping every 2 secs to pick up something or the other. 

We came back to Dubai with beautiful memories and new vocabulary for Adam! He learned so many new words and a few words in Swahili too! 😀😀

I can’t wait to experience more countries with my babies and have so much fun with them ❤😀




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