Shopping for boys Vs Shopping for girls

I’m sure most of you who have boys will agree with me when I say it’s the easiest shopping for them! Of course sometimes it’s a bit of a struggle finding good shops but once you do, it’s quick! For Adam we get most of his home clothes from Zara Kids, Mamas & Papas, Mothercare, etc They have fantastic quality and prices are reasonable (Their prices are AMAZING during sale!) Zara Kid’s prices during sale is cheaper than mother care, baby shop etc ⭐

I loved Carters for Adam when he was a newborn but as he was getting older I noticed their sizes are ridiculously small and shrink a lot after being washed so we stopped shopping there. What I love most about Zara Kids is their sizes, it’s perfect and comes from newborn to toddlers ++ Mothercare is fantastic as well with regards to sizes. Some shops have great clothes but quality isn’t so goods we normally stick to ones we know. For Eid or special occasions we buy clothes for Adam from Harvey Nichols, I love Dolce & Gabbana; their jeans are so soft and perfect sizes. Moschino, Sacoor Brothers & Kenzo have amazing t-shirts + shirts for little boys as well as Ralph Lauren ❤

Shopping for girls however is so different. Before Hana was born I literally bought a few cute and simple onesies for her and some pajamas. NEXT has beautiful & colorful  onesies for baby girls, as well as Mamas & Papas. Ofcourse with Hana now  everyone starts talking about putting hairbands, hair clips on her which I am not so into. I feel like its torture for her. To make everyone happy I decided I’d get a few. So we went Eid shopping at Dubai Mall and I was literally done in minutes for Adam however for Hana it wasn’t the case! I had to get a few pretty little dresses, matching hair accessories for each, matching shoes for each and of course jewelry etc I was lost^^’ I mean I’m not use to dressing a little girl, for Adam it’s just few trousers, shirts or t-shirts and a pair of shoes that goes with all of them and we’re done! Although Adam does have a lot of clothes & shoes but it’s just easier and quicker shopping for him in general 😎😄

Shops that I could shop for both of them and love their quality is Zara Kids, Mamas & Papas & of course Harvey Nichols. I loved Monsoon for Hana, they have beautiful dresses ❤❤ 

Online stores I love – Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus – they have amazing stuff and always on sale so you get great stuff at amazing prices 😄😄😄

Where do you shop for your kids? Fav shops for baby boy & baby girl? Do you know any amazing online stores for little ones? Please share them with me ❤






One thought on “Shopping for boys Vs Shopping for girls

  1. My favorite is Sacoor for my boys but I did notice they have cute clothes for girls too😊. H & M is very good as well especially for home clothes. Also for home clothes I shop online from Next, it’s cheaper and they hav got amazing pj’s and casuals. I know if I had a girl one day Inshallah, I would go crazy as I love little girls clothes.


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