I think I had the worse experience with Epidural, both times with Adam & Hana. When doing my birth plan with my Doctor the first time we decided to get epidural. I heard horror stories about it and I was so worried. So the time came and I got admitted, an hour or so before I gave birth I was injected with it and my god it was painful! Right before I gave birth my aunt came to check how I was and suddenly her face changed and she started screaming at the nurses & midwives, my back was bleeding and had what looked like black blood coming out as well. So the anesthesiologist came and did it again. You can imagine the pain of having to stay still while having bad contractions! It was painful! 😥

After having Adam I had a lot of issues with my back. Bending down was painful, its almost like my  back locks and I can’t move. I didn’t pay much attention to it though as I was too busy and happy with my newborn to worry about myself. After 6 months or so I was pregnant with Hana, this time the backaches were tenfold. I was heavier and bigger 😥^^’

Sitting down with my doctor again doing the birth plan, I asked what was the other option besides epidural; she said gas but she does not recommend it, I either do it with epidural or go natural. I thought okay ill do epidural again, hoping this time it won’t be as bad. I was wrong… This time they gave me the epidural when I was about 4 cms. It took maybe 30 minutes or what felt like hours to have it done. I felt the first prick and it was painful so I told the anesthesiologist, he removed it and did it again. Second time was even more painful, I told him again its really painful so he removed it and did it again! He must have pricked me 3-4 times till he finally got it in the “right place”! Besides those pricks, he gave me 2 numbing injections which didn’t do much because I felt all the pricks. 

After giving birth to Hana, I went through the same back pains but this time I decided to do something about it. 3 days after I gave birth I signed up for post natal massage therapy and had someone coming every morning for an hour for a month to massage me. That helped me a lot with my back pains. Soon after a month was done and the massages stopped, my back pains started again. I’m thinking of signing up for another month of massages as it is now getting too painful. 

It’s hard having the normal routine with Adam running around or doing much in a matter of fact because of my back. It’s really painful at times! 😦

I’d love to hear what your experience with epidural was. Was it bad? Was it easy & quick or painful & long? How’s your back now? I honestly believe anesthesiologist should be trained well enough to be able to administer epidural once and correctly. When I kept complaining with Hana, the anesthesiologist said it was difficult because my back wasn’t straight! Hmm okay could that be the reason why it was painful for me …..?! Could that be the reason why it was so hard for the anesthesiologist to get it in correctly? 

Let me know your thoughts and experience ❤