On July 18th 2016 at 4:59 pm we were blessed with our little gorgeous daughter Hana weighing 2.59 kgs. She was such a precious little thing. When I had Adam I thought I could never possibly love another baby the way I love him and I’m sure I’m not the only mama that feels that way or thinks like that. Holding Hana on my chest made me feel otherwise. She was just a few minutes old and we were already in-love with her. She was so tiny just like Adam and so beautiful, our little babies ❤ 

Hana’s pregnancy wasn’t so easy. I went through a lot of pain physically, it was much much harder compared to my first pregnancy with Adam. Although a lot of people say second pregnancies are easier, I beg to differ! I felt heavier, my stomach was massive and the backaches were unbearable. I was literally counting down days till I gave birth. It’s funny how you sit there thinking “oh this is so hard” “This is difficult” but the minute you give birth and hold your baby, everything is forgotten❤

We weren’t sure of the sex of the baby till towards the end. They told us it was a boy at 16 weeks then a girl then a boy and it went on till they finally said it’s a girl 100%. Once we knew it was a girl we started looking for girl names. You know what they say “you never know how many people you don’t like till it’s time to name your kids” 😄 😛 That was the case 😄 😛 We both liked the name Hana from the beginning and was on the “list” besides that we had Sophia, Amara, Ayla and many more. 

We were so worried about how Adam would react especially after a few mamas told me “oh he will be heart broken” “You won’t have so much time with him” etc I was honestly stressed and feeling so guilty and hearing that just made me feel worse. Why do women do that? I mean they see you’re already feeling bad and they make it worse! Well I can tell you from my experience that wasn’t the case at all. Alhamdulilah Adam loves his little sister and is so nice to her. He gives her kisses which sometimes involves him licking her hair 😄 😛 but it’s adorable. Ofcourse there are times when I am feeding Hana that Adam will want me to carry him or something but it’s all how you handle it. We always make sure we spend as much time with Adam as possible. We are very lucky to have a baby like Hana, she is such an easy baby which makes everything so much easier.

We can’t wait to grow older with our little ones, experience new things together and make memories that will last forever. Family is everything to me and I am so blessed to have an amazing one ❤ Alhamdulilah 


Do you have more that one baby? How did you handle it? Did you experience sibling jealousy or any sort? Would love to hear from your experiences and how you dealt with it.