Nos Nos Online Children’s Boutique

Hey I’m a Nos Nos too! ❤ It means “half half” in arabic. Founded by two gorgeous American women living in Dubai. Not only do they source for the best emerging designers to display their accessories, toys, clothing etc They also give priority to designers that give back. 

nos nos

“We are two American mothers living in Dubai. Our husbands come from the land of tabboulleh and man’oushe. But our kids are something completely different. We often joke that they are nos nos: half American, half Lebanese, and something 100% all their own.

We also handpick brands that are giving back. Our collections are globally sourced with a conscience, giving priority to designers that are making their marks on the world through social initiatives that impact communities in need. Because, as mothers, we feel compelled to be a part of something bigger.”

Head over to to see what I’m all hyped up about! See above few of my fav pieces ❤

Instagram: nosnoskids

Know any amazing boutiques/companies or products? Tag me on instagram @dubaimother & #DubaiMotherLoves and I will definitely have a look at them ❤



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