Packing A Hospital Bag For Delivery

When is it the perfect time to pack your hospital bag and little one? What do you really need for the both of you? What does baba need to pack?

I feel like I am pro now and know what I should pack and what I can leave behind. First pregnancy you always tend to pack everything, I basically moved my whole house to the hospital! Second pregnancy is so much different.


 With Adam I over-shopped! He has clothes sizes upto 5 years old! His hospital bag was full of EVERYTHING but guess what I forgot? DIAPERS! 

When is it the right time to pack? I personally think after you hit 6 months, just to be on the safe side keep it ready. I’ve decided to do a post and list down things I found really useful and needed most during my stay in the hospital. Of course this may vary with mamas. For instance I never needed nipple cream or any sort of cream.  

For Mamas:

Breast-feeding tops

Breast-feeding shawl/scarf for when you have visitors and need to feed

Nursing bra


Comfy shoes

Comfy clothes (pajamas etc)

Toiletries (face wash, deodorant, etc)

Breast pads 

For Babies:

8 – 10 onesies  

Receiving blankets

Swaddle cloths






Car seat 

I personally never bothered getting a hair dryer or make up because I never used them. As a new baby they’re allergic to everything and anything. I stayed away from make up & perfume for the first few weeks. 

You will find a million hospital bag checklist with ENDLESS things but trust me you don’t need so much. The above is all I really needed with Adam. Of-course don’t forget things like your phone charger etc

Keep in mind you won’t have time to wash your clothes so bring extra for yourself and baby to avoid running out. It’s a beautiful time and you will just love it. And even if you do end up forgetting bits here & there, you’ll be too involve with your little one to care 🙂

I’d love to hear from you guys. What did you need the most? Did you pack differently your second pregnancy compared to first? What’s the funniest thing you packed?




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