Adam Learns To Walk

Kind of sounds like the band “Michael Learns To Rock” 😀 Which by the way I love! ❤  

It’s been an absolute joy watching Adam try & try so hard to walk. Problem is he gets too excited and wants to run as well! I think he hasn’t heard of the expression “We Must Learn To Walk Before We Can Run” 

We recently just moved to Arabian Ranches which is perfect because the park is literally across our house!  Adam seems more confident to walk on grass for obvious reasons. We’ve made it a mission to take him there atleast an hour a day so he can practice his walking & boy does he walk mashallah. He’s of course not 100% there, he walks for few seconds then goes down, but he never stays down! He gets up and gets back to it. His persistence is beautiful to watch. As parents we pray he has the same persistence in everything he does in life. 

Adam is 15 months now (May 10th he’ll be 15 months to be exact) Although a lot of people have of course questioned why he hasn’t been walking till now or why he just started walking but thats the least of our concerns. People will always ask “why this or why that” Most important, and I keep stressing about this; let your kids develop at their own time. Don’t force them or don’t ever compare! Be supportive and help them. They’ll get enough pressure in life when they’re older so give them a break now!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos as much as we do. You will notice he either has socks or barefoot, that’s because he hates shoes!! Hopefully he will soon love them 🙂 





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