My Future Champion Academy by Aptamil kid

“Your Child is full of potential, we help you discover it” That’s the motto for My Future Champion Academy by Aptamil kid. My Future Champion Academy platform was created to help mothers identify and develop their child’s skills in a customized approach, by providing them with development tips and advice based on their child’s age and development stage.

I was so proud after I took the test and realized Adam had developed more than we realized and gave him credit for. For a one year old he tries a lot to talk, imitates you, loves playing Peek a Boo, loves music, he’s very active mashallah and even though he doesn’t walk yet; he loves crawling around in the park, watching birds fly by and the ducks swimming. He’s very 
inquisitive; he will sit down for ages turning his car around back and fourth figuring out where the sounds come from and how the wheels move. Knowing all of these were skills Adam had developed already, I was keen to identify areas/other skills we could focus on and improve. 

All you have to do is take the assessment online then My Future Champion Academy will give you customized advice that will identify where your little one can improve and will provide you with videos to help you do so. 

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Take the assessment test

Step 3: Watch the customized tutorial videos

At the end of our assessment with Adam, it identified we could develop his Music & Movement and Perspective & Art. What better way to do so than a trip to the park with his favorite music instruments? We started off by putting his piano, music box & alphabet bus on the grass and playing them one by one. Ofcourse this sparked an interest in Adam and so he came close and started doing the same. 

It’s so amazing to see how quick they learn and follow. It goes to show your little ones understand more than you think they do.

Adam did as I did, soon as I started singing “The Wheels On The Bus” he started moving his hands in circles, when I changed to “If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands” he started clapping his hands. 

Adam loves picking up different types of leaves and just sitting there and looking at them as if he is examining the leaf. He spends ages just playing on his own with the sticks he finds, dried leaves, and of course his fascination with the grass! 

It’s very easy to give up especially when you think your little one isn’t getting it or doing what he’s “suppose” to do at his age/time but never push your kids. Always try to make learning fun which is exactly what My Future Champion Academy is trying to tell mothers. Learning is fun! Just because your son isn’t physically active doesn’t mean he can’t be interactively active. Focus on what he’s good at while you slowly develop the other areas making it a fun experience. 

If you have a little one head over to their website website by Aptamil Kid to take your assessment with your little one to get customized tips and advice. The page also has information on child nutrition and skills development advice by age. And guess what you could win a trip to Paris! Visit their site for more details

Share your videos and tag @myfuturechampionacademy let’s make learning fun 😀  






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