Sister’s Beauty Lounge Salon

So after using home service for so long, I decided to go to the salon! I needed to take care of my grey hairs situation. I posted few days ago on Instagram asking what salon uses safe products i.e. ammonium free dye etc and someone recommended Sister’s Beauty Lounge. I’ve never been there before so I was looking forward to experiencing that new salon feeling, you know? No? Okay never mind then… 

I called Emirates Mall branch and they were fully booked so that’s a good sign, I thought. I called Jumeirah Village Mall next and got an appointment straight away so I made my way there.

The driver wasn’t sure where village mall was so I called the receptionist for help. 20 minutes later she called back to make sure we weren’t lost and were on the right track. That was a good first impression, so far.

Soon as I reached, the receptionist took me to have a seat till my Stylist Emina came. Unlike many hair stylist I appreciated her honesty and concern for my hair and not only her need to make more money to increase her commission! A lot of hair stylist would recommend a million and one thing to you, up-selling yes but sometimes it’s ridiculous. My hair is curly and “hard” according to some stylists and some stylists would even say “OH MY GOD your hair is so hard do keratin, Brazilian blow out, straighten your hair..” blah blah blah Is that suppose to make me happy for choosing this salon? Not at all. 

Emina was great, she started with coloring my hair with Ammonium free dye of course then treatment then finally a blow-dry (with a bit of curls). Absolutely loved the outcome. Oh wait I had a haircut too! Well a bit of a trim. 

So as I mentioned it’s my first time as Sister’s Beauty Lounge and I wasn’t sure of pricing so I didn’t know what to expect and of course I didn’t ask before I did all of that! So with regards to salon, customer service, stylist Emina and environment; I give it a 8/10. With pricing I’m not sure so I’ll let you guys be the judge! 



What do you guys think? A lot? Cheap? Reasonable? I haven’t found a salon I can make my own! You know what I mean? I need a salon I can go regularly and one that don’t over price.

Let me know your thoughts 🙂




8 thoughts on “Sister’s Beauty Lounge Salon

  1. That’s a lot to be honest! They charge separately for soft curls, plus I know salons that charge in the range of 200-250 for cut and blow dry.

    Do try Le Michele salon at Bonnington in JLT and a branch in Majestic hotel on Al mankhool road, whichever is a convenei t location to you!

    They would have charged at least 30% lesser!

    Good luck!

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  2. Hi love! I go to Sisters Beauty Lounge alot same branch – I like them because they are very European and the Salon is always organized and there are not many people waiting to be served, their meni and pedi is great. I go to them when its Eid’s eve or on Fridays they are usually empty or with less people then anywhere else. Regarding the price I always ask them for a quotation and they do provide me with an estimate before doing anything. But when I have thr time and enough money I go to Amro Salon at Vida Hotel Downtown they are by far the best Salon for hair in Dubai – they treat ur hair as the most precious thing ever, and they do make your hair style, color and quality change dramatically in a very excellent way – I truly love them, when I leave the place I feel like a queen – because they make my hair look amazing. And they are very very experts in what they do. Whenever you have the energy give them a visit for at least hair treat – you will know that wherever you have been going to, to do your hair you wont have the same service and care that you get with them.

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    1. Hi my darling, I used Amro at Shangri La for my wedding (4 days!!) And I loved them bas they’re a bit far from me. Also in Shangri La it is ALWAYS packed!! The stylist I like is always fully booked. Their prices are excellent. They charged me AED 150 for a wash & blow-dry with extensions on and they were long! I liked Sisters Beauty Lounge bas I wasn’t sure if the prices were too much or reasonable. But everyone I talk too says it’s over priced.


      1. Very over priced – they are not experts with hair to be that expensive – For what you did I would only pay 600 Dhs.


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