Makeup/Beauty Products

If you’ve been following me for long you know I have an obsession with makeup. I’ve recently started using Bobbi Brown makeup. I haven’t used all their products yet but so far I am happy with all the ones I’ve purchased. I got their liquid foundation, powder, bronzer & their art stick 


I love the art stick and how smooth it is to apply; the thickness of the stick makes it perfect! Their blush is a mixture of gold bronzer and shades of pink which gives you the best of both worlds with just one brush. The foundation gives you a great coverage without looking like you have so much on, and the powder gives the perfect finishing. 

There are a few things I stick too like my mascaras, I always use Dior & YSL; highly recommended! ❤ Ofcourse I try new ones from other brands but always find myself coming back to those two. I had gotten Marc Jacobs mascara a while ago but I still haven’t used it! Bourjois also has good mascaras that are long lasting and perfect to add thickness to your lashes. Maybelline mascaras are great for your daily use.


As you can see from my make up kit, I use different brands but everyone has their favorites. 

My top beauty products/make up I absolutely NEED:

  • Dior & YSL Mascaras
  • MAC/Bobbi Brown Foundation
  • Mac/Bobbi Brown Powder
  • Clarins Beauty Flash Balm 
  • Nude YSL lipstick 
  • MAC/Marc Jacobs blush

Ofcourse this list changes like everyday or everytime I buy new brands or try new products.

What are your top beauty/make up products you can’t live without?




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