Adam’s First Flight

Planing our trip to Milan & Zurich was so exciting! I’ve never been to Italy before so I was particularly excited about Milan. Booked our flights, tickets, trains and everything. Few days before traveling that’s when I started getting so nervous. Adam is 11 months and it’ll be the first time traveling with him. I didn’t know what to expect! He normally gets restless so easily when at home so we always go for walks, go to the park, walk to spinneys or something active. How was I going to keep him entertained in a plane for 7 hours? 

While packing, I made sure I packed all his fav toys in the bag I was going to keep with me in the plane. So Sophie the giraffe, woof woof & his monkey were going to Milan & Zurich wish us 😀 Adam absolutely loves his nursery rhymes (Gracie Lou, Mother goose club & Little baby bum) and his songs (Shakira Waka Waka, Magic Rude & No Way No and Nico & Vinz Am I Wrong) So of course I made sure all of those were loaded in his iPad. I packed some extra toys he loved like his teethers from Youmah Cares, his “That’s not my tiger” touchy book and his “phone” which is also another teether. 

I was dreading the night flight. Our flight was at 3:45am which meant going to the airport at about 1am! Adam was fast asleep when we left home and luckily slept through out the check in and immigration. It was only when we were about to board that he woke up and that was because there was a lot of commotion and announcements going on. Soon as we got in the plane and our seats, I made Adam some milk and gave him, by this time we were taking off already. Few minutes after take off my little angel was fast asleep. The crew came and installed the bassinet for us where we then put Adam in. He didn’t sleep as much in bassinet, most of the time he was on me or my mum. It was a bit small for him honestly and I don’t think he was very comfortable hence preferred being held which of course I didn’t mind at all. 

5 hours or so after Adam woke up, he started looking around and noticing the different environment. I knew from the sounds he was making he was hungry so we made him milk, and he wanted to play (It was already almost 9am Dubai time, and normally he’s up & running) we started with Sophie until he got bored and we moved to another toy. Eventually he got tired of the toys and that when the iPad came in handy, he watched his shows for a bit and it wasn’t long till we landed. Mashallah he was such a good baby. My little angel was such a big boy. I expected tantrums and cries throughout. 

Alhamdulilah on the way back he was the same. Our flight was at 9:45pm so we were at the airport by 7pm.He slept most of the flight and woke up a bit to have milk and went back to sleep. I don’t know if it was the night flights that helped a lot but Adam was such a pleasure flying with mashallah. Maybe because it’s in their routine to sleep at night so it’s easier for them? Also having his fav toys and iPad helped a lot, throughout the trip actually. We had a 4 hours train ride from Milan to Zurich which was at 12pm. This is when Adam got very restless and tired but even then he didn’t cry at all my baby. We were in first class cabin so it was almost empty, we walked up and down the aisle, we switched seats every now and then, watched his shows, had some snacks and eventually he was calm and we were just sitting and looking out the window at the beautiful swiss snow.

So my advice to mamas traveling for the first time with their little ones, always make sure you pack their fav toys, have their fav songs or nurseries in your phone or a pad, some snacks, and full supply of milk! I made sure Adam was sucking on his bottle on take off and landing to avoid his ears being blocked and alhamdulilah that helped a lot! So mamas if your kids are old enough maybe a lollipop or a dummy? As long as they’re sucking on something. 

I would love to hear more tips & advice on traveling with babies so please feel free to comment below and share your experience with us.



4 thoughts on “Adam’s First Flight

  1. Thank you for the tips on traveling with a baby! We´re going to travel with my babygirl for the first time this summer 🙂 Love your blog and instagram, Dubai is my dream traveling place and I hope to visit it someday!

    Lots of love from cold and snowy Sweden


    1. Thank you so much darling, my dream country is Sweden! Absolutely jealous of the maternity leave laws there plus all women I speak too speak highly of your country 🙂 Goodluck with your first travel and have a lovely summer xoxo


  2. Such a detailed post there…my experience travelling with my then tiny baby Shaurya was funny as he refused to sleep or feed..all that he ever wanted was to play with other sleeping the crying the yelling the trying to crawl away to cockpit..ahh that pretty much sums up my fear to travel since becoming a mom (ouch)


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