Adam Is Going To Be A Big Brother!

You can imagine how happy we were when we found out Adam is going to be a big brother!! I had the best childhood with my brother. We did a lot of things together including fighting with each other (I would be Steve Austin & he would be The Rock!), we went partying together but most importantly we had each other. My husband has 2 brothers & 1 sister, so he knows as well how amazing it is growing up with siblings. 

We’re so excited for Adam to experience that bond. Whether he’ll have a baby sister or brother, I know he will be the sweetest big brother. I know he is still too young to understand what it means having a little sibling but I can’t wait till he does. 


Ofcourse to share the beautiful news, we had an appointment with Picture People in Jumeirah. I can’t tell you how amazing they were. They asked what Adam’s fav songs were and put them on throughout our session. Our photographer Erika was just great, she was very sweet and excellent. I had the pleasure of meeting the co owner as well Hamad who was so sweet and welcoming. It’s so refreshing going somewhere and meeting such amazing & charming people. 

I really enjoyed this photoshoot so much and absolutely loved the environment & everyone around.  The pictures were AMAZING! And they’re quick! I left with my frames in hand 😀 




I’m in love with our pictures!! How handsome does my little boy look? 

I can’t thank Picture People enough for these amazing memories that were beautifully captured. You HAVE to go try them out, I guarantee you; you’ll LOVE it! 



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