Mira Hayek

I had the pleasure of interviewing the talented designer Mira Hayek. If you were lucky enough to attend FFWD, you know what I’m talking about. Mira is a Lebanese designer based in Lebanon. She’s done internships with Elie Saab Beirut & Erdem London.


Please tell us a bit about your business

Mirahayek is a contemporary womenswear label launched in 2011 and based in Beirut.

What was your main inspiration to be an entrepreneur? 

I started off by wanting to create my own brand in order to independently express myself creatively and introduce fresh ideas to the local fashion scene. I realized shortly after that in order to make my passion sustainable, I had to learn the ABCs of entrepreneurship.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment to date was my first fashion show with STARCH foundation at Fashion Forward Dubai in 2015. To be chosen to participate in this event has really helped in increasing the brand’s exposure – The feedback that the brand has received from the new market/audience that the collection was showcased for has been and still is very encouraging.

What are the challenges you face of being a Woman In Business?

Being a man or a woman, we face identical challenges in the Fashion industry – To keep up with the latest and newest trends, news and whirlpool of events that takes place in the global fashion industry is my utmost challenge.

What are the rewards? 

Success! To see the brand that you have created reach the international platforms

What is the best advice you’ve received? 

Stay true to your own identity

Who is your biggest role model in the business world and why? 

Rei Kawakubo – founder of the brand Commes de Garcons, is an inspiration of a successful woman in the industry. Kawakubo, manages and controls one brand and has developed it an empire – multiple lines, concept stores and standalone stores.

What advice would you give to women who want to start a business?

You need a clear vision, goal and a strong product in order to start any business.

What mistakes have you made along the way and learned from?

Time management is something I struggled with since the very first day and I still struggle with today! By organizing my schedule better I’d be able to enrich my collections and take on more creative projects.

What’s your way forward of expansion? 

Increasing number of points of sales in the region and venturing into menswear.

What’s your secret to success? 

Focusing on what I do best, which is designing.

What do you do to unwind & relax?

Cook and share a yummy meal with my loved ones.

Tell us something no one knows about Mira Hayek?

I quit smoking 3 months ago after being a “one pack a day” smoker for 16 years! (high five to self)

Finally take me through a day in Mira’s life..

I usually wake up at 7AM, have my coffee and workout at home – I am at the atelier drawing my inspirations by 930AM – my day can never really start before I have sketched! I then reply and follow up on my emails and most importantly join my team of tailors at the workshop. I always make sure to consult the team about the color palette and cuts, their opinion is what most matters!

As my day end I unwind by listening to music, cooking and most importantly lounge in front of the TV with my popcorn.

You can follow Mira and her beautiful desgins on her Instagram account @mirahayek 

Also check out her website for more about her & her collections http://www.mirahayek.com/#collections 



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