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I had the pleasure of interviewing the gorgeous Sharifa Ahmed, Founder of http://www.bdiaries.com

As many of you already know on Instagram, Sharifa shares everything from fashion’s latest, exclusive events to her beautiful room decor. She gives us her honest reviews on products she tries; be it food, makeup etc, which definitely sets her apart. 


How did you get into Blogging?

I have to say my passion for sharing, If I find something that I love, may it be a nice dress that was on an unbelievable sale to the latest makeup collection I get excited to share with my friends and family so they could experience these things along with me too. So I started an Instagram account basically sharing my findings in fashion and the beauty world and slowly I graduated to opening a website going more in dept with blogging.

What’s your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement in the world of blogging would be getting backstage at the fashion forward and seeing what actually happens behind the scenes, we the audience are so used to seeing the perfection that comes down the runway we never really pay attention to the hard work, the struggle that goes on backstage and getting a chance to do that this year for not one but two shows was a remarkable experience And I am proud to have even pushed that idea through.

What are the challenges you face of being an influencer?

I am always faced with an internal battle that I have with myself, this comes to seeming perfect to the public, we see millions of blogs these days and each one has one blogger looking even more perfect than the other. Perfect weight, perfect skin, perfect teeth. Being a part of this world it sometimes gets to you, you want to be part of the community in looking perfect dressing up perfect all the time but I have to keep reminding myself, just like those readers reading my blog I am human too so I try remaining as natural and real as possible and not get lost in the commercialisation of every single thing. 

Almost every picture these days is commercialized leading to the life being portrayed by the blogger being staged, misleading and people try to live up to those standards, standards that are paid for ? or sponsored for ? I keep reminding myself not to fall into this and turn completely different and stay true to myself and the main reason why I started the blog.


What are the rewards?

Your creativity and talented being appreciated, waking up the next day after posting something you have been working on for a while and seeing the comments and the support coming from the public is so fullfilling.

What do you find most frustrating?

The most frustrating thing for me is when people do not reply their emails on time !, it drives me nuts !. I really appreciate people who are prompt in replying. One more thing !, when meetings could have just been an email!.

Who is your biggest role model and why?

My biggest role model is without a doubt my mother, she has been through a lot and has recently fought cancer, I have never met anyone stronger with strong will power like her. And if I become half the woman she is one day I would be one strong human on this earth

Who is your style icon? And why?

Christian Dior, because he is the master mind behind wonderful creations, his brand not only looks good and retails impressively, it has a history behind it, years and years of history and each creative director creating a story within a new collection. I am obsessed with Christian Dior.

How do you describe your personal style?

I love anything that is different and unique, I am definitely not the type of person who loves to wear something that is seen on everyone else.

How do you balance between work, friends, family & blogging?

That is a difficult one because I work full time as a banker, I guess planning your week/month ahead of time is the key to making time for everyone in your life. For example if I have a shoot happening in Dubai after work I would schedule a little meeting with grandma after that ticking off family time, work and blogging for the day. Days like Friday I always keep aside to family.

Tell us something no one knows about Sharifa Ahmed?

I have OCD, everyday when I return to my room, I organise everything no matter how tired I am even if the room is already organised!, if I have to refold all my clothes just to make myself feel better I will do that ! .. organisation is my life .. Literally.

What are your plans for the future?

Work wise I am looking to change my career into something that I have more passion about which would of course be in the fields of media fashion etc. Blogging wise I plan on taking blogging to the highest level I could take it, stretch my creativity out to the highest it could reach. Increase my abilities in videography, photographer and get more professional in the field I love.

Finally take us through a day in Sharifa’s life…

I wake up early morning, get through the traffic from Sharjah to Dubai, work as a wealth management customer service officer at RAKBANK, after my hours are clocked in I meet designers, app creators, store owners you name it for blogging. Once that is done back home spend some time with the family and update a little blogging here and there on my website instagram etc. and off to sleep again !

You can follow Sharifa on her Instagram account @Bdiaries & check out her website http://www.bdiaries.com