Adam Almost One!

It’s crazy how time flies! In two months my little munchkin will be 1!!! Mashallah mashallah! 

People always ask “does he walk yet” and when I tell them no, they’re shocked. He’s 10 months old, what’s the hurry? I never compare Adam to other kids or vice versa. Kids are so different, how can you even compare? Adam started sitting at almost 7 months and according to some people that was very late but I never stressed or forced Adam to do it.I let him do it at his own time. Never pressure your kids, let them develop at their phase. 

My little angel says a few words now besides Mama & Baba. He says duck, uff (woof), dada, what sounds like “girl” and rest I can’t tell what language it’s in!

I’m in the process of planning his birthday now and it’s so exciting. It’s also confusing seeing as one day he loves barney and the next day he is scared of him! What theme do I decide then?! 

Please do let me know if you know or personally used any companies that specialize in kids birthday parties, bouncing castles, barney or other characters, etc



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