Clarins Tri-Active Facial Treatment

If someone told me 6 months ago I would be a Facial Fanatic, I would say “Never!” My first facial was about a month ago. When I got the chance to try out the new Clarins Tri-Active Facial Treatment (Launching early next year as per esthetician), I was excited! 

My appointment was booked for 10am sharp at the Clarins Boutique in Dubai Mall. I don’t think I ever went to Dubai Mall so early. I arrived 9.45am, decided to take a few pictures before my facial treatment. 

It wasn’t long until I met the Esthetician, Anna. She was so sweet. We started off chatting, she was a bit shocked when she heard this was my second facial in my life! She was very informative and explained as we went along. First she started with removing my make up and an amazing shoulder massage! She told me “At Clarins we don’t believe in using machines, we use our hands” She maneuvered her hands around my face pressing pressure point under my eyes, corner of my head and my cheek bones. She showed me the best way to apply face wash, cream, eye cream while gently massaging; using your hands.

What I loved the most was the cold mask she put on, felt like my face was; like a snake shedding it’s dead skin and welcoming the brand new one. My face has never felt so soft! My face was glowing!! I didn’t even want to put make up on. I loved the difference I saw in just one facial with Clarins. 

I absolutely love Clarins beauty products. I have to say my fav is the Beauty Flash Balm!


Now I have a daily morning &  night routine for my face:

Step 1: Wash my face with Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Step 2: Apply Clarins Eye Contour Gel around the black circles by using your finger tips & gently massaging

Step 3: Apply  Clarins Mission Perfection Serum “Dark spot corrector, even skin tone & healthy radiance”

What’s your routine and products you use?




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