Time Flies!

Feels like just yesterday I had my baby and now he is almost 1 mashallah!! I absolutely love being a mother. It’s the hardest thing in the world but most rewarding and amazing ♥ 

Adam is 9 months (10 in 2 weeks) he has his little teeth and my god they are sharp! He eats everything mashallah, from omelette with cottage cheese for breakfast to strawberry smoothies for snack & beef or chicken with mash for lunch. He loves yogurt especially the flavored ones of course!

Adam has got such a strong personality, it is crazy.If you do something that upsets him or makes him angry, rest assured he will show you and throw a tantrum in retaliation. 

Everyone will be quick to tell you what you’re doing wrong but never otherwise. That’s why it’s important to never self doubt. You do what’s right for your baby, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks. 

What I’ve realized is as a mother my fears have tripled. I worry about everything & anything. It’s crazy! Some nights I stay up thinking what if this happens or what if that happens and that just escalates my fears to a whole new level. The thought of anything happening to Adam scares the living hell out of me, it paralyses me. People say “it’s your first baby it’s normal, when you have a second one it’s different” But how is it different? Isn’t it worse then? 

Alhamdulilah. All we can do in the end of the day is pray and hope inshallah everything will be okay ♥ 

I’d love to hear from other mothers, what do you think? Your fears get better with your second child? How do you cope with them?

IMG_3294 IMG_3293



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