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It was about time I changed Adam’s car seat as he had outgrown his. We opted for the Phil & Teds Columbus Booster Car Seat which was sent to us by the lovely ladies of Baby Souk. Did I mention it was delivered by Baby Souk’s own in-house model Daniello? 

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At first sight, I absolutely loved it! It looked so comfortable and definitely bigger!  Getting Adam strapped into his car seat is a mission so we wanted something that was comfortable enough for him to feel good & safe in. We also wanted something that was easy to move around and that would fit in any car as we are always in-between Abu Dhabi & Dubai and different family cars. 

Below are the reasons we absolutely love Columbus Booster Car Seat besides the bright red of course:   

  • We can use it till Adam is 10 years+ (Wide age range + weight 6kgs – 36kgs)
  • The padding on it is fantastic, makes the seat very comfortable
  • Removable fabric so easy to clean
  • Price friendly 
  • Fits perfectly in most of the cars
  • Extendable head rest for when Adam is older
  • Belt can be adjusted to fit firmly and tightly 
  • Soft interior & tough exterior 
  • Contains protective layer of EPE Foam giving additional comfort & impact absorption 

The only thing I struggle with and some might do as well is strapping him in. Once that’s done, releasing the buckle is very easy.

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Definitely looking forward to using this for the next few years. I will keep you updated on anything I discover; negative or positive. 

Please let me know your thoughts on it.