The Day I Married The Love Of My Life

IMG_2210 IMG_2210

We got engaged in May 2013, which meant we had 5 months to plan for our wedding. We had a 4 days wedding, beautiful 4 days ❤ (October 30th, October 31st, November 1st & 2nd) 

I loved everything, from choosing the center pieces to trying out different table settings. It was a time where all the family came together, we had endless gatherings to discuss endless to do lists. We had sleep overs with my darling friends/bridesmaids where they practiced their entrance dance (Danza Kuduro 😀 ) It was the most exciting time! 

My wedding dress was the easiest thing I found, believe it or not.  I tried on 3 dresses, and that was it. I found my dress. So we went ahead and purchased the dress! I always knew what kind of a wedding dress I wanted. I wanted something with lace no doubt. My love for lace is unexplainable. Something conservative yet breathtaking and beautiful. Something that made me feel like a princess.


After months of planning and running around, the day arrived..❤❤❤

Shangri La Shangri La

I married the love of my life ❤



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