OSN 2016

As I got dressed up to go to OSN 2016 party held at Music Hall, Zabeel Saraya, I was filled with excitement! I couldn’t wait! Any night where Antonio Banderas and Maisie Williams are in the picture, you know it’ll be amazing! 

IMG_2122 IMG_2134

The show was hosted by the hilarious Bassem Youssef. He is too funny for words! I must say he did an excellent job. The night started with a few jokes by Bassem. We were then shown the latest OSN Store, wow! Great concept.

One by one the stars were called on stage for a few questions and a little chat.

Then the man of the hour came on stage, Antonio Banderas. He was asked who he supported in Spain interms of football, his answer was his home town Malaga. Bassem then continued to joke and say “Barcelona or Real Madrid” but Mr. Banderas stood by his answer.

The night was filled with amazing talent. Antonio Banderas, Maisie Williams, Asala, Basel Khayaat, George Kordahi.. to name a few. It was definitely a star studded night!

George Kodrahi got treated to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire by Bassem 

I must Shiab Kuwait stole the show! Their performance was hilarious!

IMG_2093 IMG_2089

Great event OSN, well done! 

Dress: Zayaan The Label

Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

Heels: Louboutins



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