Mamas & Papas Playpen

We recently decided to get Adam a playpen and I have to admit it was the best purchase ever! ♥ Adam’s at a stage where he just throws himself and uses his toys to swing around which results in him hurting himself. So we planned to get some soft toys as well to put in the play pen.

We always make sure we try the toy out at the store before we purchase it. Soon as we put Adam in the playpen at Mamas & Papas Mercato Mall, he started smiling and rolling around. We knew right away we had to get it. 

Now that we decided to go ahead with the playpen, we wanted to look for some soft toys. We found this cute little monkey and puppy which we got as well.

IMG_1050 IMG_1051

Below are the reasons why we absolutely love the playpen:

  • It’s so easy to assemble, literally takes maybe 30 seconds or less!
  • You can literally take it with you wherever, it comes with this bag where when you close it up and put it in, it sort of looks like a yoga mat bag! 
  • It’s affordable
  • Adam enjoys rolling around and even when he does fall, he doesn’t get hurt. We got an extra mattress so it’s extra padded and safer. 
  • It’s big so it fits Adam and a few of his soft toys etc

Some things people might find negative:

  • The mattress it comes with it isn’t so padded so you might need to buy an extra one 

I honestly can’t think of any other thing that could be a negative. Please do let me know if there are any more positives or negatives that you’ve come across.

IMG_1047 IMG_1048




2 thoughts on “Mamas & Papas Playpen

  1. Oh all I can say is Allah ya7meh elbaby MashaAllah beautiful.
    As for the playpen, we had got a similar product much earlier before our son Sultan was born. Ours is Pack N Play of Graco and it has served several purposes so far. It came with an attached infant bed which we used only up to his 1st month and then had to get rid of it as he grew taller and did not fit any longer. However, the Pack N Play is still there and I have no use of it since Sultan is all independent and walking now MashaAllah. He refuses to sit it in even for a second, all he needs is to be out on the floor so he may explore the kitchen cupboards and wardrobe shelves looool. Honestly it has been an unnecessary item for us; but all babies are different.

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    1. Ameen ya rab ♥♥ aaawww mashallah he sounds like a very active boy. Babies are definitely different, I know in a few weeks time Adam will probably refuse to go in bas alhamdulilah for now he absolutely loves it and it’s safe! xx


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