I think by now you know I have an obsession with make up! I’ve recently gotten these amazing lipsticks from Gucci, Marc Jacobs & Givenchy. The gucci lip liner is great!! I actually use it just on its on and it looks beautiful ♥

IMG_8927 IMG_8955 IMG_8954

IMG_0786  image1-3Besides make up I’ve been shopping for some cute gym gear. I’ve decided to part ways with my baby fat, after all Adam just turned 7 months so it’s about time! I absolutely love my Stella Mc Cartney Adidas, they’re so comfy and of course they look gorgeous ♥

IMG_0561 IMG_0513 IMG_0514 IMG_0521 image1-2

I wish I could post everything I got but that’ll take me forever so that’s it from me 🙂