Four Cow Farm & Rice

I had the pleasure of interviewing the sweet Mompreneurs, Founders of Four Cow Farm & Rice, Britt Wilks-Lingam & Anisha Mohinani. 

“Our company name is Aliya Trading FZC, and under this we distribute both Rice & Four Cow Farm. The name Aliya was chosen because it is the Sinhala word for elephant, symbolizing where our friendship began, in Sri Lanka.”

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Tell us something people don’t know about Britt & Anisha?

We met 19 years ago while opening the Hilton hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka and have been friends ever since. We have simultaneously lived in Sri Lanka, Singapore & the UAE during those 19 years. Life keeps bringing us together!

What are the 5 most important things to you? 



Peace of mind

A challenge 

Having fun 

What was your main inspiration? 

We always wanted to have a business of our own. When we found ourselves relocated to the UAE at the same time, we were presented with the opportunity to embark on that. Hence Aliya Trading was born.  

How did the name “Four Cow Farm” come about? 

The actual Four Cow Farm in Queensland, Australia is situated on a former dairy farm, and is now home to a much smaller herd of just 4 cows!    

How did the name Rice come about?

Rice is a basic food item and in many countries it is vital for survival. This is why the name appealed to Rice founder, Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau. 

With such a busy schedule, how do you manage to stay in shape? 

We both go to the gym every morning straight after school drop off, before the work day begins. If we leave it any later, it won’t happen! 

Any quick tips for getting ready on the go? 

We try to plan our days in advance so there are as few last minute dashes as possible. This includes confirming appointments and meetings, laying out clothes, organizing the household, packing school bags and so on the night before. Our make up routines are very basic; moisturizer, mascara & lip balm and we are out the door.

How do you maintain work life and time with your kids? Do you set hours per week dedicated to Aliya Trading? 

Yes, I assign 9am – 2.30pm as work time, trying to get as much done as possible during these hours. I take my lunch with me to school pick up at 2.45pm which I eat with my daughter at school while we wait for my son and she has her snack. From then until the children are in bed I am all theirs. This time is usually spent attending their activities and then doing homework, but we have a great time doing all of this. When my husband is traveling I eat dinner with the kids and read them bed time stories. Once the house is quiet again I get back to work for a few hours before hitting the sack myself. When my husband is in town I spend this evening time with him.

What are the main challenges you come across as a Mompreneur? 

Finding as much time as we would like to dedicate to the business. We truly love what we do and thrive on the challenges and opportunities we have been fortunate enough to have been given, so this is a real battle for us. There is always a mountain of things on our to-do list at the end of every day, but that is ok for now. The children will only be this young once and I am aware of not wasting that precious time with them

How do you go about fixing that? 

Working when time permits, and that means even into the nights.  

What’s the best advice you’ve received? 

Just do it. 

What’s your advice to mothers who want to start their own businesses? 

If you are able to balance your family and work hours, and you have the passion and drive to pursue your dream, do not let anyone or anything stop you. 

What do you do to unwind and relax? 

Britt: Spend time with the kids during the day and catch up with friends at night. Wine helps 🙂 

Anisha: Exercise and catch up with friends.  

And finally take me through a day in Britt’s life.. 

Britt: Wake up at 6.15am with the kids, drop them at school at 7.30am, go to the gym, work until pick up time, spend time with the kids and take them for their activities, have dinner, work, sleep … repeat!

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You can follow Britt & Anisha on their instagram accounts @fourcowfarm_uae and @rice_uae 

You can also visit their website & Facebook:



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