VikJet Fine Jewellery

I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Mompreneur, Founder of VikJet Fine Jewellery, Natasha Jethwani. 

Natasha is a mother to two beautiful angels and runs VikJet Fine Jewellery with her husband Vikram Jethwani.

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Tell us something people don’t know about Natasha?

I am currently pregnant with our 3rd child! :0) Something people may not know about me would be that I never actually liked fine jewellery and diamonds when I was younger! It was only after I married my husband, who is a Jeweller and began to travel with him to all the international jewellery fairs that I developed a passion and appreciation for jewellery. Of course, me being me, I just had to put my own spin on things!

What are the 5 most important things to you?

My family first and our label right after. Both are an integral part of me that I cannot live without. Everything else in my life follows suit.

What was your main inspiration?

My main inspiration for starting the Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery label with my husband was to change the way that women perceived fine jewellery in this region. Until a few years ago, the jewellery from this part of the world was quite heavy and/or classic in design. You had your standard diamonds and rubies and emeralds that were kept away in a safe and saved for special occasions. Women wanted something they could wear all the time and started spending large sums of money on costume jewellery. We wanted to provide them with interesting, versatile, contemporary fine jewellery which was priced well and could be enjoyed everyday while still retaining its value for years to come. That’s how our label was born 2 years ago. My husband specializes in diamonds and semi precious stones and is known for his incredible engagement rings and diamond jewellery but I enjoy creating fun pieces which you can wear at all times and that carry you through from morning to evening.

How did the name “VikJet” come about?

In the jewellery business its all about trust and quality. As my husband is a GIA certified gemologist who has been creating stunning diamond jewellery for years, we decided to name the label after him.

With such a busy schedule, how do you manage to look so beautiful & stay in shape?

Firstly, thank you! But I have to be honest and admit that with 2 kids, another one on the way and a growing business, something has to give and it’s usually my workouts! I’m not as consistent as I would like to be, but when I do get into that zone, you can find me at the barre at Physique 57 for that total body workout.

Any quick tips for getting ready on the go?

Having the right people on your speed dial! A good hairdresser, nail technicians and facialist are a must in this city and can help you to relax and feel your best. Especially when you need some me time!

How do you maintain work life and time with your kids? Do you set hours per week dedicated to VikJet Fine Jewellery?

I’m lucky I work with my husband as that gives me the ability to always put our children and their needs first. As Mia (6) and Ari (almost 4) are at school 5 days a week now, I try to schedule all my meetings in the morning so I have the afternoons and evenings free for them. This has become a little bit more challenging in the past few months as the brand has been growing at a rapid pace so we have hired a brand manager to work alongside me and ease the pressure a bit. We will have to restructure everything when our little one comes!

What are the main challenges you come across as a Mompreneur?

I’m a born perfectionist so the hardest thing for me is not just finding the time to complete everything on my daily list but to do everything perfectly! I tend to micro manage and need to work on my delegating skills! If I’m not there for my kids, I feel guilty, if I don’t get something done right for work, I’ll stay up all night to complete it… It’s like that for all aspects of my life and that is the toughest part about being a mom and entrepreneur at the same time!

How do you go about fixing that?

Learning to let go a little and delegating different jobs to the amazing people around me. Being detail orientated and striving for perfection are definitely tools for success but you need to have balance in your life too and it’s as important to know what comes first and when.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Mom wise: Trust your instinct and go with your gut. Love your kids unconditionally and you can’t go wrong.
Work wise: Work hard and you can achieve anything and everything.

Whats your advice to mothers who want to start their own businesses?

Don’t rush into it. Get into it slowly and after your children are at nursery or school so you naturally have some free time to focus on your business. Those early years are invaluable and only happen once in a lifetime so you don’t want to miss anything! When you do go back to work, divide your time. Make sure you set aside work hours and separate time just for your kids.

What do you do to unwind & relax?

Spending time with my kids, my husband, reading books, watching movies, seeing friends and going on vacation

And finally take me through a day in Natasha’s life..

Wake up in the morning, send the kids off to school with my husband, get ready and head out to either a workout, go for few meetings or work at home,  pick up my son from nursery, have lunch with him, pick up my daughter from school, take the kids to any of their numerous schedule activities or a play date, run errands for our house, get the kids home, dinner and bed for them and then spend some time with my husband before finishing up some work or unwinding with a good book or some tv and then bed for us too, unless we have a social event or dinner to attend.
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You can follow Natasha on her instagram account @vikjetfinejewelley and her website


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  1. How can I order a necklace with my children’s initials? Thank u. I live in the US but have friends in dubai and family if it can only be picked up.


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