Danielle Wilson Naqvi

I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful and lovely Danielle, Co Founder of Sassy Mama Dubai & Founder of CSPR Group. Danielle has been living in Dubai for 19 years and is a mother to 3 beautiful angels (Amara 3.5 years old and twins Sienna & Rio 2.5 years old)

Besides running SassyMamaDubai & a boutique PR firm, Danielle is also a Founder of a charity organization called The ZB Foundation.

Dani and kids 2   Dani and kids 2   Dani and kids 2

Tell us something people don’t know about Dani? 

Oh that’s difficult, what would be of interest to your readers?  My husband and I are the founders of a charity in Pakistan www.theZBfoundation.com where we provide “new born screening” to babies born in Islamabad and soon we will be testing babies all over Pakistan. 

What are the 5 most important things to you?

My entire family, happiness, health, travel and honesty

What was your main inspiration for setting up the charity?

I actually started the charity in my late daughters name Zahra Beau, as I needed to channel my energy into something positive. The charity also keeps her name alive and helps me to feel close to her.  

How did the name “Sassy Mama” come about?

Sassymamadubai is part of the Sassy Media Group which is a digital media group by women for women. Sassy Media Group targets women both pre and post becoming mothers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and the Australian Gold Coast. I had the opportunity of launching the Dubai based site and therefore last year we launched and I became one of the 3 co –founders.

Tell us a bit about your business?

As well as running the PR, marketing and social media for Sassymama I also have a boutique PR agency called CSPR Group that I have ran for 8 years focusing on female and family brands.  My favouite brand in our portfolio is Babysouk.com, we have worked together for many years – I love the selection of items available on the site and how we push ourselves as a team to deliver the best service possible.  Also along with my family we work on the ZB Foundation/charity.

With such a busy schedule, how do you manage to stay in shape?

To be honest I don’t have tie so I a not really in shape! When I put my mind to it I enjoy Flywheel. Otherwise the only exercise I get is running non stop after the kids – good squats picking up after three kids  and strong arms carrying them! However at the end of the year the Sassymama team are participating in the Electric Run in aid of the foundation so I really need to start getting a move on with training. 

Any quick tips for getting ready on the go?

I have learnt the hard way as around the house I always wear my havianas so many times I have grabbed the kids and rushed out the house or left for a meeting still wearing my flip flops – so now I keep a nice pair of nude heels in the car! In my handbag I keep my channel mascara and clear lip gloss just to give me a little glow when needed   

How do you maintain work life and time with your kids? Do you set hours per week dedicated to your PR firm?

I have got myself into a routine that works for me and the kids – from the crack of dawn I focus on my work so I am on the computer in my home office or I arrange all my meetings post the school/nursery run. Then after school pick up (lunchtime) the kids are fed and the twins may have a sleep – I will then work again and then every afternoon I spend with the kids – an activity or catch up with friends. This works for me, my business and especially the kids as I can feed, bath and put the kids to bed and then if need be work in the evening or I can totally relax and enjoy watching UK TV.

What are the main challenges you come across as a Mompreneur?

Time and man power!

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Keep your feet firmly on the ground and remember your roots! (some people get caught up in the Dubai bubble!)

What’s your advice to mothers who want to start their own businesses? 

Go for It, Your passion will overcome any obstacles you may face. If you have something to offer – share it!

What do you do to unwind and relax?

Shopping I have a shoe fetish! A Massage with a close friend  or a night out for dinner and drinks.

And finally take me through a day in Dani’s life..

A school day!

Normally one of the three children have woken in the night and are in bed with my husband and I, then one of the other 2 children will wake at 6.30am so I sneak out of bed in order not to wake the one sleeping next to me and go downstairs to start breakfast. 

My helper will be making the kids packed lunch for school and their clothes will already be down stairs from preparing the night before.  The girls can nearly dress themselves so this process can either be quick or rather long winded.

I will get myself ready while the other two kids wake up and are now having their breakfast too. We rush out the door in order to get to nursery on time. Post the school run I either have meeting’s scheduled or I go to the office and start work so as I can escape at 12 to pick up the kids.

Back at home we have our lunch together and then the twins if tried will have a sleep. my eldest Amara loves to chill during their nap time so she either plays on her ipad or does something creative – if I not too busy I will do it with her or I continue to work.

Once the twins are awake we normally have an activity planned for the afternoon so we all go out for a couple of hours. We may have dinner out or we are back in time for feeding tie at the zoo! Then its bath tie and then my favourite part of the day is “dance” time. I turn up the music loud and we all dance around the house – we are not dancing to kids nursery rhymes but instead chart and dance music. Currently their favourite song is “my head is a jungle” and “I cant feel my face” Daddy then joins in when he gets back from work. Usually one of the three either starts crying or has had enough so we relax on the sofa and then its off to bed! You can imagine what happens next… I usually collapse on the sofa and refuse to move! 

You can follow Danielle on her instagram accounts @sassymamadubai and @csprgroup

Dani and kids Kids 1



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